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    Been awhile, working on some documentaries.

    Nice to see the new site. I'm currently working a couple of documentaries: one on singing, another on writing.
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    Dolly recommendations requested

    I'm in the market for a dolly system costing < $2,500 for a feature (see Saving Dinah). We're using a GH2 in a cage for most of the shots, but also a Sony EX1. There's a number of products available from Kessler Flex Track, Indie Dolly Systems, Merlin Video which fit the budget. A flex track...
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    Hello, IndieTalkers

    Just sayin' "Hi!". We're working on Saving Dinah, a low/no budget feature that is a collaboration between an animal protection organization and a community theater group. Casting begins later this month (April, 2012) for a production in August. The film will be shot with Panasonic Lumix GH2s...