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  1. eomer41

    ad Off The Map

    I recently worked on a short film. Currently waiting to get the footage back for the post production work. I'll be posting some behind the scenes stuff here: Check it out if you like!
  2. eomer41

    watch MOTN

    Ok, I made this short animated film. It's been a journey to get here. The ideal audience are kids but your feedback is also welcome. :D:D:D:D:D
  3. eomer41

    From Script to Picture

    Hey y'all. Just wanted to make a thread about the differences, changes and edits made with a script as it changes after the movie is edited. Share your thoughts on some scripts that seem to be different (or the same) to a particular movie. I recently watched Dunkirk while reading the script...
  4. eomer41

    And the award for most Popular movie goes too...

    Oh wait I have the wrong card in my hand. I have the best picture. Hey, can someone get me the card for most popular film? La La Land! My first thoughts on this is that if I win most popular movie and not best picture then I didn't really win...
  5. eomer41

    watch A Walk With Zombies

    Short film.
  6. eomer41

    Hues of Quality Television

    What do you consider quality TV time? Does it depend on how you are feeling? How old you are? What you "like" in the moment? I've watched TV all my life and have grown more confused by how critics praise certain TV shows. I want to show an example of two shows that have different opinionated...
  7. eomer41

    favorite Favorite 1940s Films

    What are some of your favorite movies from the 1940s? I recently watched Lady in Distress (1940) and it was a really interesting story. The ending was ... surprising. :D
  8. eomer41

    China Ball

    Does anyone know how to power a mobile china ball rig?
  9. eomer41

    The Crown

    Has anyone been watching this series on netflix? I recently watched it and the series is really well shot and acted. I can't tell what is historically accurate though when it comes to the characters.
  10. eomer41

    Blog about Creative Work

    Iv'e created a blog online to note some of my creative experiences. Most of it highlights work/looking for work experiences and notes about it. Want to share about it hopefully it will help others going through this kind of thing. Let me know what you think about it! Link...
  11. eomer41

    watch LG - Headphone Jack

    A little commercial about the LG phone contrasting the iphone 7.
  12. eomer41


    I just got done watching the movie Joy (2015). I'm not sure what many other thought about this movie but I found it very well made and probably one of the best movies of 2015. I would say it is a favorite of mine now. To me the dialog for each of the characters is so well done! It has a really...
  13. eomer41

    watch Time

    Here is a time lapse video I have been working on. Let me know what you think about it. Thanks.
  14. eomer41

    watch Night of the Band

    A short film that is simply about a night when the band came to town. Your comments are welcome. Thanks. Shot and edited. Link:
  15. eomer41

    watch Dixie & Ashokan Farewell Music Video

    Here is a music video I have been working on over the past few weeks. I used a green screen for the background effects. If you are a fan of the acoustic guitar music you might like this. Let me know what you think. Link:
  16. eomer41

    watch Doritos Commercial 2013

    Here is a commercial I made for Doritos during the Super Bowl contest. Unfortunatly I did not enter it in the competition. It is my favorite commercial. :D Let me know what you think about it.:)
  17. eomer41

    The Dust Bowl

    The Dust Bowl: A Film by Ken Burns Hey, I was wondering if anyone on here happened to watch The Dust Bowl. I watched part one but did not catch the rest of it. It looks like a really good documentary based on USA history. I like how Ken Burns produces...
  18. eomer41

    watch Aviation: Video set to Music

    I guess this is considered a music video since it contains both music and video only. The music is from a really good band called This Patch of Sky. I asked to use their music and they said yes. Hope you like it. Let me know your thoughts or feedback...
  19. eomer41

    VOTE Dark Kinght Chrystler

    Imported from Gotham TV spot contest is on! Public voting is through July 3rd! Vote for my version here: It takes a few seconds to load. No need to register. 5 bats would be greatly appreciated! Rise! :D
  20. eomer41

    watch Simple: Shawnee State Forest

    I hope you simply enjoy this. Comments welcome.