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  1. HKB

    Film to be shot in Baltimore 2016

    I have several paid positions available. From Director on down. PM me!
  2. HKB

    Option Agreement

    Anyone have an good option agreement or a link for one?
  3. HKB

    Movie Magic... any experts here?

    Doing some scheduling for a seven page scene and was wondering how to divide it for a two day shoot on the stripboard. Anyone know?
  4. HKB

    Looking for a 10-12 page script to produce.

    I'm open to any ideas, anyone?
  5. HKB

    screenwriting question

    I know avoid the phone call. Well I have a scene in my script where closure is a message left on a phone. Two questions about this: If I don't see the character in the scene it would be written like this. Character (V.O.) (over phone) blah blah blah Is this correct? Second question, how...
  6. HKB

    that character that drive the story forward

    Has that little part that drives the main character through sections of the movie. The main character has to explain his position and what not, this allows the audience to understand where the plot is heading. What is he officially called? Anyone know?
  7. HKB

    R ratings?

    What makes an R rating over PG? "Films that receive an R rating do so because of explicit sex, nudity, violence or harsh language. For example, if a film uses the F-word more than four times, it will receive an automatic R rating." Is that really true?
  8. HKB

    hello forum members

    I'm here to learn from all the experts.