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  1. Mirman10

    watch Porcelina of the Vast Oceans

    I made a little short video about my new found love for 35mm film cameras and how much more of an emersive experience they least to me :)
  2. Mirman10

    watch Jorgens Trail Hike

    So last week I went on a hike and just before that I received my new G7 with a flycam steady rig! So I decided to put it all to use for the first time. Check out the video and tell me what you guys think, what I could do better in the next and all that jazz, thanks a bunch...
  3. Mirman10

    Best cheap video 4/3 lenses?

    Hey I've decided to upgrade to a Panasonic g7 and buy it with the standard 14-42mm lens. I'm also looking to buy one other lens for it at the moment. I don't care too much for photo, more focused on video so I was thinking about something wider with a low f stop. I've heard about primes but not...
  4. Mirman10

    Upgrading from a T2i

    When filming one day, the winds were heavy and a gust blew over my tripod which detached my camera which went spiralling into the lake a few feet from where it had once stood mighty and proud! After the grieving period had passed I knew what I had to do...what I needed to do...I needed to move...
  5. Mirman10

    watch I Stare at Screens too Much

    Hey Indie Talkers! I made a new short about staring at screens, It would be awesome if you guys could check it out, show it some love, and tell me what I should look to improve on in the future! Thanks a bunch in advance!
  6. Mirman10

    watch And So Our Story Begins..

    I've been making videos for a while now on my old channel and have recently decided to start anew. I felt my channel had a lot from my youth and I wanted a more professional look and feel to my channel, so I created a new one under my name since that's the cool...
  7. Mirman10

    watch Life: The Biggest Troll

    My First video of 2015 is up! I put probably the most effort out of any project I've done on this one, so I want you guys to send that criticism my way. I think since my last film of this sort SCARED which is another thread, I think I've improved a bit and can't wait to get even better during...
  8. Mirman10

    watch My first Week at University

    I decided to document my first week at university hope you all enjoy and if you do check out my other movies I've made it would be truly appreciated!!!
  9. Mirman10

    watch West Bend the Ghost Town

    Hey Indietalkers, I really enjoy travelling too and exploring ghost towns, you could call me an urban explorer! I have done videos for two other ghost towns on my channel so if you like this one maybe you will enjoy those as well. I hope you all enjoy this video and it makes you want to go...
  10. Mirman10

    watch My Film at the Carnival

    I tried to make it a different than just laying the clips together one after another. I tried to use some funny sound bites and pictures as well as some hard color distortion. Hope you enjoy, would love a bit of feedback of possible. Thanks again IndieTalkers! :)...
  11. Mirman10

    Should I go to University for Film?

    I'm currently applied for business, just finished high school so my lifes at a crazy stage. Every time I think about what career I want or what Major I should go into, I have no motivation. Nothing really appeals me overly that I'd really want to do. All I want to do in life is become a film...
  12. Mirman10

    Does this flow well? Does my story have substance?

    1.Kills guy at night 2. Lying in bed half covered in blood gun in hand, Half clean with book in hand. (END OF FILM AND BOOK) 3. washes blood off hands frantically 4. Goes to school (START OF REALITY) 5. Borrows book from library 6. Visits dead body 7. Goes home 8. Stuffs dead body in freezer 9...
  13. Mirman10

    watch My High school Wrestling Documentary

    I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis Febuary 20th. I decided to not let it stop me from doing the things I love and that included wrestling. I may have lost 17 pounds and been deadly out of shape but I didn't care. I'm a senior in High School and this may be the last time I ever get to...
  14. Mirman10

    watch SCARED- Short Anti-bullying Halloween Film

    I made this film and I hope you all enjoy it I think its one of my best pieces and was just looking for some constructive criticism so I can improve and make a better film in the next project!
  15. Mirman10

    Is it too fast?

    I'm thinking that i have 2/3 of a film and I might have missed to include the first buildup scenes what do you guys think? SCARED. - A boy who is sad, alone wants a way out - Bullies pick on him at school. - Boy buys a gun - Goes to kill his bully, but instead shoots himself in front of...
  16. Mirman10

    watch Girvin The ghost town

    So a couple of friends and I went to a ghost town the other day and here are some clips of it you can also click my profile to see the other video of the other ghost town we went too. Hope you all enjoy it!!!!:D
  17. Mirman10

    watch Trip To A Ghost Town

    A couple of friends and myself spend the day at a ghost town about 3 hours away from the city. I took some footage while I was there and compressed them into this little video. I'm continuing to learn and tried to do my best Casey Neistat impression at the start ( I need to work on it ;) ). So...
  18. Mirman10

    My Film Frames need your Help!!!

    I would love some feedback on it and what you guys think I could incorporate to make it better. Also sorry if its confusing. GOOD MOOD Music- Green Light Aloe Blacc Scene 1- House Frames 1. Zoomed out frame on my entire body Reading a book 2. Zoom in onto my hand turning the page 3. Zoom out...
  19. Mirman10

    How to link up two scenes?

    I'm thinking about trying to create a scene where a man walks past the camera, camera does a 180' and its a totally new location but it shows him still walking like he kept walking straight and the location just randomly changed like there was a line of two worlds and he seemlessly walks past to...
  20. Mirman10

    watch Winter. Short film

    Hey guys and gals, I wanted to make a simple video to show its winter here in canada. If you could so kinda tell me what I need to improve on in this video. From examining it myself I feel I need to improve on my color correction and color grading what do you guys say??? Dont forget to watch...