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    Making a feature just for YouTube?

    Happy New Year everybody. I had been planning to develop a short film but now I'm torn between doing a short or a feature, because I'm really interested in this script I'm writing which is actually a feature. I'm just curious about the practicality of making a 90-something-minute feature film...
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    wanting to make a short with $1,000

    Hello guys, I have an idea for a short that i want to make. It's a horror-thriller film that takes place in a creepy old medical clinic (or i can shoot in a hospital and then shoot an exterior shot of a clinic for an establishing shot). Here's what I feel nervous about: I want to try not to...
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    film vs digital: is one cheeper than the other?

    I'm asking because I've heard of films still using film cameras to shoot their movies with digital filmmaking on the rise. Why? I'm just wondering if some filmmakers are resorting to using film cameras in an attempt to cut down on production costs.
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    Seeking tips on investor funding

    Dear filmmakers, I've had a few concerns about using investors to get funding for getting films made. I'm almost finished my script so I kind of wanted to talk about it now and get some expertise from experienced filmmakers. The main reason why I didn't want to go the investor route was...
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    Wanting a particular actor for a film

    Hey, guys. Sorry if this is the wrong category. Didn't know where to plop this, lol. So anyway there is this particular actor (whose name I won't disclose here) I would love to have in my feature-length film for a particular role. He's not a huge Hollywood name but he does have almost 30 acting...
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    Question regarding poster and cover designs

    I had a question regarding distribution in terms of designing the cover for the DVDs and Blu-Rays for my film. When my film is completed, I do want the poster and DVD and Blu-Ray cover to look a certain way. I understand that films - for the most part - have more than one poster and DVD/Blu-Ray...
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    Do you consider $2 million little or a lot?

    When it comes to a budget for a movie, an independent movie at that, do you consider $2,000,000 to be a small budget or a lot? I mean, sure, $2,000,000 is a lot of money in general and big budget studio films typically go for about $10,000,000 bottoms. But like I said, $2,000,000 is a lot of...
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    How would you write a basketball game in a script?

    This is something I'll need help with. I'm writing this movie. It's a basketball-themed film and right now I'm just skipping around so i can do the game scenes last but how would you write basketball game scenes in a script? I mean, it kind of just happens how it happens in the movie. I mean...
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    wanting to do a fight scene on a subway train - how?

    I'm planning on having a scene in my film that takes place on board the Broad Street subway train (I'm in Philadelphia). What i wanna do is turn an actual train station and its subway cars into the movie sets, maybe using real commuters as extras. To describe the scene, there is a chase scene...
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    Wanting to use a certain gun for my film

    First, I wasn't sure whether to post this here, or in the "On the Set" forum. So, mod, if there is a more appropriate forum, please move accordingly. Anyway, I wanted to use the Beretta 92 INOX in my film, as one of the prop guns. I particularly wanted to use an airsoft version with the Beretta...
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    power rangers fan film question

    A few of my friends and I are planning on making a short Power Rangers Jungle Fury fan film. I'm wondering if it would be okay if we were to use GekiRanger footage in our film. We were going to get the footage from dvds and from YouTube... as long as it's footage without the clock and no subs...
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    How much would it cost to rent Panavision cameras and lenses?

    I want my film to be shot on the Panavision Panaflex Platinum and the Panavision Panaflex Millennium XL2, using Panavision Primo and C-Series lenses (or probably G-series). Can anyone give me a good or fair estimate on how much it would cost to rent these cameras and lenses on a per week basis...
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    queston about distribution

    I'mma be up front and honest here: I'm nowhere near ready to start distributing my film. But after screening it in a series of film festivals, I would like for my movie to be available though the following platforms: DVD and Blu-Ray iTunes YouTube Amazon (just to sell the DVDs and Blu-Rays)...
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    Copyright question. A scene inspired from another film.

    So there's this scene I wrote in my script -- Jason and Eric agree to meet up at this warehouse. It starts off a friendly conversation and then it turns into an argument when it's established that Eric betrayed Jason. So Jason grabs out a gun and shoots Eric in the stomach three times. Jason...
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    EVERYTHING I've EVER wanted in a movie!

    Okay so what I've done was this: I sat down, got out a few pieces of paper, and wrote out EVERYTHING i want in a movie, the kinds of shots, characters, who i want to be in the film (no big name stars since this is indie), the lines i want spoken, where i want the movie to be shot, what i want...
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    Transitioning from rough to shooting draft

    Reading my rough draft, i can't help noticing there are things missing from it that shouldn't be and other things that i intend to go back and change with more scenes, even though that means more pages (strangely enough, i want my feature film to only be 96 minutes long). I'm more than ready to...
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    I want to use music from another movie.

    Okay, so i just recently got finished watching the 2006 film Crossover, and in that movie, when they show random various shots to transition from scene-to-scene, there is this fascinating music being played! It sounds so cool and i so wanna use that for my movie! BTW Crossover is on YouTube in...
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    How do I number a header on both sides?

    Most all of the screenplays for films I have read have this for example: 17 INT. SUBWAY PLATFORM - DAY 17 I'm working on a script for my film and I have it formatted so that each header is automatically numbered. My script/screenplay is being...
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    Airsoft/BB guns for prop guns -- yeah or nah?

    I'm planning on having guns and shooting in my indie film. I would like to have Airsoft or BB guns that resemble high-quality firearms in the film and just remove the orange tips at the barrel in order to save production funds as blank guns would probably be more expensive. I do like when a gun...
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    SWSX teaser question

    I keep watching the teaser for the 2011-2012 indie film Yelling to the Sky and I like it. But I'm curious because when I finish my film, I'll be submitting it to SWSX as well, but does the filmmaker cut the teaser him/herself or is it made by SWSX? Natalie O'Shea