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    misc What part of the film making process is most painful

    Food for thought: I would say that at the end of the day, editing is the most painful for new filmmakers. Why? When you sit down to edit, you can see and hear everything that went wrong on the shoot....poorly recorded audio, poor camera white balance, out-of-focus shots, no cutaways...
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    cameras CP-16R

    I actually owned one back in the '70s when I was working for ABC News, but for the life of me I can't remember what it cost. I absolutely LOVED that camera (which replaced my Auricon), and I was sad when we switched to video cameras around 1976-77. I shot my last project with it, a...
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    camera POV Camera RIG

    Another factor is the LENS. Going hand held and using a wide angle lens looks really cool...especially when you get real close to the person you are talking to. A wide angle lens is also more forgiving to shakey camera moves.
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    locations Securing a difficult location

    When the business quotes that much money, this is when you stop trying to be "bigger" than you really are, (don't say "We're making a movie"). Instead, you try to become "smaller"...("We are making a student video with a tiny camera and a just a couple of people"). When you say "we're making a...
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    directing How to keep Cast/Crew Engaged during Low Budget Shoot?

    I might ad that all of my actors receive detailed "deal memos" with dates, times, and locations, but there is always someone who still wants to change our schedule to squeeze in another shoot. By the way, our "no budget" films have always paid actors $25-$100 a day, (usually $50), which does...
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    directing How to keep Cast/Crew Engaged during Low Budget Shoot?

    Shooting only once a month is very risky. Actors are constantly looking for other opportunities, and the first paying gig that conflicts with your three month schedule, they're gone. You can minimize this risk by making your shooting schedule as short as maybe shooting twice a...
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    locations Securing a difficult location

    Generally speaking, I've always approached the "mom/pop" businesses and have had great results. If the owners works there, they can keep an eye on you, and in most cases "watch" the fun process of shooting a movie. I've shot in a gas station, hardware store, grocery store, and small...
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    movie-talk What's the last film you watched? And rate it!

    We just saw the new biopic about Judy Garland, "JUDY". Loved the movie, and especially the performance of Renee Zellweger as Judy. She will surely get nominated for an Oscar. Here's the trailer in case you haven't seen it. (click here).
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    vfx Add camera movement to a photo

    For AVID users, "Moving Picture" is an excellent program. See
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    Most popular sites for casting?

    I think that is UK?..... They have an actors section. We have recruited songwriters from them (for film end credits) with great success.
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    picture FPS and playback speed

    Let's say that you don't slow it down but you actually do a freeze frame. That freeze frame has its own time's own time code. If you play the freeze frame for 1 minute, the length of your playback is 1 minute, but the time stamp of your freeze frame stays the same.
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    distro Alternatives to iTunes and Amazon Video Direct?

    Filmhub places the film for you. They submit your film to 3 or 4 companies which are most likely to accept your subject matter and technical quality..
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    distro Alternatives to iTunes and Amazon Video Direct?

    Filmhub is fussy about quality, and wants the biggest file size you can send them. They will also require captions., and various sizes of artwork. (They will give you the specs). After you upload your film, you should hear from them in about a week. Your revenue from Filmhub will be based on...
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    vfx Add sunlight to video?

    You can add or subtract color, but you can't add or subtract shadows. The sunny day will have shadows and the cloudy days will be flat. So color grading is probably all that you can do, but it should look fine. Only you will know the difference.
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    indie Happy Labor Day Weekend! BBQ or Bizzy?

    Thank you for your concern. At the last minute the storm drifted east into the Atlantic. weakening the storm from a 4 to a 2. We had wind gusts of 45-60 MPH but didn't lose our electricity. Had we lost our electricity, there would be no air conditioning, which is a killer with our high...
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    indie Happy Labor Day Weekend! BBQ or Bizzy?

    We are in Florida....hurricane country.....we have one right now headed our way, Brevard County. ....Category 4, 150 MPH winds. Watch the news on Tuesday to see how we did.
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    legal Using licensed music in film

    FYI: A few years ago we wanted to use BORN TO BE WILD in a motorcycle documentary, and Warner Special Projects quoted us $15,000 plus 5 cents of every unit sold. We passed.
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    directing Directing crisis

    For my first feature, I purchased a used 16mm news camera which recorded audio directly onto the film. We shot for three weeks on a location which was miles from way to process the film on a daily basis. After the movie was shot and all of the sets were dismantled, we processed...
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    actors Rest in Peace Rutger Hauer & Rip Torn :/

    We just bought a case of old VHS movies at our local flea market, and one of the tapes is SPLIT SECOND, starring Rutger Hauer. That will be the first one that we pop into the player...