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  1. directorik

    Making a movie about people talking of the interstellar war.

    Two people talking. Assuming 15 to 20 pages, you could do a rehearsal on the first half of the first day. Then shoot for a few hours - wide shots. Then a full second day. You've never done this but I have. I told you years ago you should just jump in and do it. Get the experience. Even if the...
  2. directorik

    Making a movie about people talking of the interstellar war.

    You could do a short for a couple of thousand. Build a set in a small theater, hire a small crew of 8 and shoot for two days.
  3. directorik

    distribution sobering view on the micro-budget film distribution.

    A wild thing to say for sure. There are so many terrific movies out there that no one has ever seen because the (fill in the blank - writer, director, cinematographer...) filmmaker doesn't have the energy, time and skill to market it. I, too, would bet that someone could learn the skill of...
  4. directorik

    Making a movie about people talking of the interstellar war.

    A question you ask often. And the answer is always the same: It depends. Aside from the salaries of star actors a movie like "Same Time Next Year" the budget wouldn't be too big at all. A very small crew, one set and a short shoot would keep unexpected expenses to almost nothing. Off the top...
  5. directorik

    distribution sobering view on the micro-budget film distribution.

    James, everything you suggest is a valid, tested method of getting people to watch a movie. Marketing is the key and there are nearly limitless way to market a movie. You are correct. Most filmmakers aren't good at it. It takes far more energy, time and skill to promote a movie...
  6. directorik

    distribution sobering view on the micro-budget film distribution.

    There's no reason that couldn't work How would you find the movie? To me that's always the big issue. How does a filmmaker with a great, no-budget movie get it noticed. And how many people would be willing to cough up a few coins? How much per month would you personally cough up? How many...
  7. directorik

    misc The re-rebirth of 3D movies?

    How many times has the gimmick thought to be dead returned? Typically this gimmick starts in response to threats to the theater going audience. 1950's - television. 1980's - home video. But now with 3D TV (which kind of fizzled didn't it?) who knows? Creators are always trying to make their...
  8. directorik

    dialogue Thoughts on VO narration?

    The reason narration gets "all the hate" is because unproduced writers pitching their first scripts almost always use narration badly. "All the hate" comes from screenplay books and writers blogs, not from completed films. When used well VO narration is terrific - some great examples here...
  9. directorik

    Completed Low Budget Feature Script: Benito the Blade

    Hollywood does not scowl at good writing in multiple genres. Hollywood has changed since the era of Billy Wilder. Can you use someone in the 21st Century as an example? You are correct; no matter what ya do, someone will criticize so you should write what interests you. This does not sound low...
  10. directorik

    producing Army of One

    I have a very different perspective of the struggle than Nate, but I love it. Always a great read. I can't speak for Nate, but as a member of this board I did not see your post as disrespectful.
  11. directorik

    streaming What are you watching rn?

    I saw "The Lieutenant of Inishmore" and "A Behanding in Spokane" in New York and "Hangman" in London. I'm glad I didn't see the trailer for "The Banshees of Inisherin" before I saw the movie - it takes a while to get to the "big moment" and I really couldn't see where the story was going. So...
  12. directorik

    streaming What are you watching rn?

    I just got home from seeing The Banshees of Inisherin I'm a big fan of Martin McDonagh and this is another great film.
  13. directorik

    producing Army of One

    It curious to me that I have never talked to anyone who is adamant about producing a feature film completely alone. So that skews my perspective. However, almost every single person I've talked to over the years who wants to make a feature film doesn't follow logic. Creative people can be...
  14. directorik

    pre-pro Cast and crew committed to the film project

    Pay them more than they can get at another job.
  15. directorik

    pre-pro why do cast and crew back out of projects?

    I've had people back out of projects for many different reasons. "My boyfriend doesn't want me to spend so much time each day" "I didn't think it was going to this hard" "I thought making a movie would be fun. This one isn't." "Sorry, but I just can't take another day off work." "When you said...
  16. directorik

    color-grading How much is the overall total price for color grading usually for a project?

    It could possibly cost $100. It could possibly cost $1,000. Some 10-15 minute short films may take only a few hours and someone looking to add to their experience and resume may do it for a hundred bucks. Some may take 15 to 20 hours of work. Someone with some experience may charge $25 to $40...
  17. directorik

    misc Are short films the least respected form of art?

    Some short films produce fame and fortune in the same way a five minute standup comedy act produces fame and fortune. A short film can get into a festival, be seen by the right people and the film maker produces a film (or films) that produces good money and fame. I can say the same thing about...
  18. directorik

    music Getting the actual song recording

    The publisher can give you a link to the file. Just ask. You don't need to know a ton about the technical process of sound editing but your sound editor will know enough to pull the file from a download if necessary.
  19. directorik

    event screening my documentary SOCIAL MEDIA MONSTER

    Nice to see you here again, Sonnyboo! Congrats on finishing this project. I wish I was in Columbus in August so I could attend. On second thought I never wish I was in Columbus...
  20. directorik

    licensing Fair Use

    Copyright isn't always about revenue – or loss of revenue. Often it's simply the right of the owner to control how the music is used. So “it's not like anyone is losing revenue on this” may not be the issue you're facing. You can't afford a lawyer so you're asking for some personal...