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    software Best video editing software that won't break the bank?

    I've been a long time Premiere user, but am getting up to speed with DaVinci Resolve so that I can directly access .braw files from my Blackmagic camera.
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    Been awhile, working on some documentaries.

    Nice to see the new site. I'm currently working a couple of documentaries: one on singing, another on writing.
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    Dolly recommendations requested

    I'm in the market for a dolly system costing < $2,500 for a feature (see Saving Dinah). We're using a GH2 in a cage for most of the shots, but also a Sony EX1. There's a number of products available from Kessler Flex Track, Indie Dolly Systems, Merlin Video which fit the budget. A flex track...
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    Is it me or do a lot of indie films in festivals feel kind of empty?

    APE, in my view, you are absolutely right. Too often sound is given second class status in a film when, in fact, it is as crucial as every other creative element, and even more important in some cases. The audience will happily accept bad images (see Blair Witch), they will not tolerate bad...
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    Is it me or do a lot of indie films in festivals feel kind of empty?

    Let me echo some of the sentiments above. The problem with many (maybe most) indie films is poor screenplays--slow, boring, and derivative. For a great indie, check out Take Shelter, great story and screenplay. Likely, far less than a million to make.
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    Is a Canon 550D the best you can get for £500?

    You're right. My mistake. I confused the Canon model. Apologies.
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    Is a Canon 550D the best you can get for £500?

    I'd suggest you consider the Panasonic Lumix GH2 with the firmware upgrade settings available at Personal View. The GH2 is cheaper than the 550D and simply produces better video with the Driftwood settings.
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    Hello, IndieTalkers

    Indeed. Depending on the scene, we plan to use as many as four at a time. Hacked, of course, with the best of "Driftwood."
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    Hello, IndieTalkers

    Just sayin' "Hi!". We're working on Saving Dinah, a low/no budget feature that is a collaboration between an animal protection organization and a community theater group. Casting begins later this month (April, 2012) for a production in August. The film will be shot with Panasonic Lumix GH2s...