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    Amazon did it again.

    Amazon just announced that filmmakers who have films on AMAZON PRIME will now be paid 4 cents per hour...down from the 6 cents that they were previously paying. Bummer.
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    withoutabox is gone

    We host two film festivals, and enter our own films into festivals as well. We just got this email from withoutabox: Important: Withoutabox Update for 2019 After more than 10 years operating the Withoutabox film festival submission service, we have decided to phase out the service over the...
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    Which earns more money for you, Amazon or Vimeo?

    We already have several films on Amazon VOD, but we were wondering about potential revenue from Vimeo VOD. Vimeo, of course would charge us a monthly fee for hosting our films whereas Amazon lists them for free. Does anyone actually make a monthly "profit" from Vimeo, or would we be wasting...
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    Has anybody distributed their film through Filmhub? Good, bad, or ugly?
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    ROKU revenue

    Do any of you have a film on ROKU, and if so, what kind of revenue is generated.
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    Musician/vocalist wanted for no/low short film.

    We are shooting a low budget 30 minute film that will be released to Amazon Prime. We have written the LYRICS for a song for the end credits. We need someone who can create the MUSIC for the song, (not the whole movie, just the song), and to do the VOCALS for the song. So in other words we are...
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    Youtube payment update

    I just dropped out of the youtube partners program due to their changes, and youtube still owed me $64.00 . They instructed me to "cancel" my monitization and I would be paid immediately. So I cancelled as instructed, and was directed to their "adsence" website to collect. Guess what...
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    No more youtube revenue for us

    Feb 20 marks the date of "no more revenue" for those of us who earn money on youtube. They have officially announced that as of Feb 20 2018 in order for you to earn money on you tube, you MUST have 1000 subscribers and 4000 views per year. If you do not have that, your videos will no longer be...
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    15 Minutes of Fame, Palm Bay Florida

    The 15 Minutes of Fame film festival in Palm Bay Florida is now accepting films for their July 2018 program. The festival is now in its tenth year, and this is their 16th show. Entries may be submitted through either withoutabox or film freeway. For details, click here for their website. :yes:
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    Dailymotion - potential copyright lawsuit?

    We shot/produced/own a low budget feature film called " BAD SPIRITS", which we shot in 2007. It has TWO copyright notices on beginning and end...we are listed as the copyright holders on IMDB as well. Here's the point: We did not officially copyright the film, under the "work in...
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    I have been thinking about adding my feature film to itunes, but I will need to pay an aggregator, which is extremely expensive. I have wondered if any of you have put your film on itunes, and if so, did you make enough money to justify the expense of getting it there? Thanks for any input or...
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    15 Minutes of Fame

    Call for entries, 15 MINUTES OF FAME, for films 15 minutes or less, in Palm Bay Florida. This is our ninth year, and 15th festival. Please see:
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    Vimeo Profits

    Have any of you actually made a profit off of Vimeo? That is, the monthly/yearly fee that filmmakers pay them to host their film versus how much they actually make off of VOD rentals... Has any anyone seen a profit, and how much?
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    15 Minutes of Fame Indie Film Festival

    Call for entries in the 15 MINUTES OF FAME film festival, in Palm Bay, Florida. For films that are 15 minutes or less in length, and produced in the U.S. This is our 9th year, and 14th festival. Films may be entered through either withoutabox or filmfreeway. For additional details...
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    15 MINUTES OF FAME - call for entries

    The 15 MINUTES OF FAME film festival in Palm Bay Florida is now accepting entries for films that are 15 minutes or less in length, and produced in the U.S. You may submit narratives, docs, animation, trailers, web series, and PSAs. You may submit your entry by way of FilmFreeway or...
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    Happy Thanksgiving...Are you bored already?

    Hi folks When filmmakers are bored, we do what we do...we either WATCH films or talk about films. Here is our latest project for you to either enjoy or hate. We had a blast making it, and that's what it's all about. Tell us what you think.
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    watch Our new $4,000 feature film

    Here's a trailer for our film that we just finished called TATTLETALE CORPSE.
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    Amazon Subtitles nightmares

    I have been successful in creating subtitles for a few of our films on Amazon Instant Video, but for some reason with our latest film, "TATTLETALE CORPSE", I just couldn't seem to deliver the kind of subtitles that Amazon was looking for. They kicked them out for a variety of reasons...
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    CreateSpace goes to Amazon

    I'm bummed...We had 39 films on CreateSpace, and they have handed over management of the downloads to Amazon Instant Video. As the result, we now have NOTHING to download on the web. Why?...because Amazon Instant Video now requires Closed Captioning on all films. (We don't have that). It will...
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    Short film contest.