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  1. Spike

    critique More

    Sorry, this is a little long, 14 pages. The thing, this piece included, is now 40 pages or so, and I am finally almost ready for the meat of the story, which should be twice as long--hopefully longer, so I can trim much of this first part. I fear that, by now, after 40 minutes of not much...
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    Happy birthday

    Happy birthday to Debby Boone, Scott Baio, and Anne of Cleves. Why do i know? Why do I care? In what universe do you imagine that that's any of your business. anyway :)
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    critique The next bit.

    Another ten pages, for anyone interested (if so, Mr. N and Ms. m, honestly, thanks, and sorry if I become burdensome.) Anyway, I know, now, where this is going, but don't know, yet, if I can get there. I research and brainstorm each scene and sequence, and putz around until something gets...
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    critique Opening scene of "A Bit."

    Just finished getting this readable. First scene, four pages. And again, does it make sense? Is it entertaining? Intriguing? Thanks.
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    treatment The rest of the story.

    I hate to break the rules and spoil the fun, but our horror treatment seems to have wound down, and I found myself outlining the rest of the story.
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    critique A bit

    I posted a bit, a bit ago, about a project I had been imagining, and abourt how i couldn't get started. But, once I was able to describe the sene, the sequence, in a paragraph, and after I read what mlessman had imagined--a scene between a Prince and a Composer--I actually got started. Here's a...
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    nevermind (probably inappropriate)
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    series Re: The Staircase

    The owls are not what they seem.
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    music Julee Cruise gone

    Ah god. Julie Cruise. It might be time to watch Twin Peaks through again, (for the fifth? sixth? time?)
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    Space image lost

    A while back I saw an image in a news story. It was a sparkling cone, from some kind of telescope, looking out into the universe and back, of course, into time towards the Big Bang. I wanted to use this in a thing, and am now at the point where I need it, and I can't find it. I assumed I...
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    Laurence Welk WTF?

    Don't you get annoyed at people who want you to watch every little stupid thing they see on the you tube? But I just bumped into this cover, lol:
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    tv Great tv shows that have disappeared.

    I can think of two, shows I would watch again if I could find them, and that really deserve new audiences. Northern Exposure. Quirky, charming, character driven, beautifully written and acted. Everyone I know who watched this show loved it. It would be a hit, I'm sure, on, say...
  13. Spike

    Your Feelings Are No Excuse

    Just ran across this, by Margaret Atwood, in the Atlantic, remarks she gave recieving the Christopher Hitchens prize, and I thought it worth sharing. It is, of course, timely, but in addition--I just love her voice. Here's a bit: "At least he [Hitchens] didn’t accuse me of hurting his...
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    tv Drive to survive

    I would never have thought I would be interested in F1 racing (barely knew what it was) until the Netflix thing, which I watched last year. Anyway, season 4 recently dropped and I just finished streaming . And ... I have a new coolest guy in the (at least sports) world: Lewis Hamilton. (Sorry...
  15. Spike

    actors William Hurt RIP

    I just read about William Hurt. He was a rare talent that seemed perfect in everything he did; he was always memorable. Among so many great perfomances, I especially remember, tonight, The Accidental Tourist, a movie I loved based on a book I loved. He caught Anne Tyler's tone, her quirky...
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    movies Movies you walked out on.

    Two for me, mostly because there was something happening that I just didn't want to see. Marley and Me. OK, It was annoying, to me, that Owen Wilson didn't know anything about a dog and didn't seem to want to learn. Marley was supposed to be a "bad dog" for doing doggie things, chasing and...
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    movies The Batman

    In the mood for some fun diversion, I was going to go to the little local cinema, for the first time in two years, to see the new Hercule Poirot, featuring Kenneth Branagh and his mustache, and to eat a bag of twizzlers. But, crap, that was last night. Now playing: The Batman. I liked comic...
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    critique A TV show teaser.

    Silly? Link removed (nevermind). This sharing stuff makes me nervous, lol. Anyway :)
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    screenplay I know, but I did it anyway.

    Hello, I have, over the years, read and re-read a particular writer, have done academic work on him, and have, I believe, some non trivial knowledge, understanding, and maybe even insight, into his work. And so, several years ago, wanting to write something, I started a screenplay, an...
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    Just introducing myself to be able to access the community. I am an accomplished academic writer trying to see if I can write a screenplay, and so look forward to any help and knowledge and, of course, maybe even making some friends. Thanks