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    What's the film community like where you live?

    I thought it would be helpful if we could all post what the film community is like where we live. That way we can compare with one another. Some things that would interest me (and maybe others) are. Is the community supportive of one another or are there cliques. What do you feel is the...
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    Born Filmmaker vs. Made Filmmaker

    Born Filmmaker - A person that appears to have been born with the natural gift of filmmaking. Made Filmmaker - A person that had to be completely taught to make films. What do you feel is the difference, if any, between their films? And do you even subscribe to the idea of a "born" and "made"...
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    What if filmmaking was affordable to everyone?

    As you know, money is usually a big determining factor in filmmaking. It determines who can or cannot afford to be a filmmaker. And the type of films you can make. So, here’s a hypothetical question. Edit: What if big budget filmmaking was affordable to everyone? Should money be a determining...
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    Color Grading for Digital Projection Screen

    I made a film recently that looked great on my monitor, but looked terrible on a digital projection screen. Admittedly, the film was dark to begin with, but just seemed exaggerated on the screen. Is there a color grading guideline when outputting to a digital projection screen? I don't have one...
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    Release Forms for long changing projects

    I've been working on a film for over two years now and it has undergone many changes. This does not affect the release forms, right? They're good for the duration of the project regardless of how long it takes or how many changes were made?
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    Why can't filmmaking be done as a serious hobby or just for fun?

    Why can't people get together to work on films just because they love filmmaking or want to have fun? People use so many other things as hobbies/fun, why not filmmaking? I've been trying to make films this way for years and can't find other people that feel the same way. They're either just in...
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    Is it legal to cover or parody a song?

    I know it's not legal to use the original version of a song without permission. But, is it legal to do a cover version or parody of a song without permission?
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    Not receiving IMDB/Site credit for a movie I worked on

    Not receiving IMDb/Site credit for a movie I worked on A couple of years ago I composed the score for a movie. At the end of last year, the movie was added to IMDb and in the beginning of this year the movie launched its website. I received credit in the movie, but not on IMDb or the site. I...