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    copyright Writer died and publisher went bankrupt

    Hello, I am writing a screenplay based on an autobiography of a woman who has died over 10 years ago. Furthermore the publisher went bankrupt 10 years ago. So what now? Do I need consent from someone to continue my screenplay or when I try to sell it? Thanks a lot!
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    Boxing video review

    Hello, Last year I shot this video, and I finally edited this video. I did the SFX and soundtrack finally. And could really use some input. I am going to place an voice over over this(need to find a voice over guy first ). Here is the link. Appreciate any input...
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    Editing advice

    Hello, I am working on a new passion motivational project. But I often get in a rut, and need some time off to let the images sink. Now throw in a newborn baby and things really have slowed down. And the project does not really have a particular story structure atm that works. So advice on this...