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    Fun Facts & Trivia #3 - Do You Know The Answer?

    In just four years, this musician scored more top 10 hits than Elvis Presley or the Beatles did in their entire careers......can you name this musician or his band?......Take a guess, it's fun....The answer in about a week.
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    music Fun Facts #2 - Do You Know The Answer?

    The movie Forrest Gump won 6 Academy Awards including Best Picture and (at the time) had the 3rd highest gross revenues in movie history........ Question: How many different songs (or parts of songs) were played in the movie Forrest Gump?.....Please no research, just your best guess. The...
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    movies Fun Facts - Do You Know The Answer?

    What was the most recent movie to win an Academy Award for Best Picture that was rated PG?........Please no research, just your best guess. The answer in a week.
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    screenplay What Stimulates Your Writing Skills and Creativity?

    My question is for anyone who writes for a living or even as a hobby (Screenplays, novels, stories, songs, articles, etc.)...What environment (if any) stimulates your writing abilities, talents, and creativity? For instance......writing in a coffee shop at your favorite table?....writing in...
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    After reading Indietalk for about 2 years, it's time to join & participate.

    First, I'd like to thank all the professionals on this site who responds to various questions & topics, even (especially) when they get a little heated....I appreciate your time & I've enjoyed reading the quality of your answers...some of you write so perfectly (to me) it's a pleasure to read...