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  1. wreckerman893

    Gadsden Fund A Film Fest 2014

    Anyone close by is welcome to come by and support our effort to fund a film to be produced in Gadsden, AL, using local producers, actors, extras, crew and support personnel. Check us out at: Black Creek Productions...
  2. wreckerman893

    Black Creek Productions

    My website is up: Come to Alabama and make your dream film.
  3. wreckerman893

    My son's company is up and running. Check it out at: You can upload your content for free since this is a subscription based site. If you sell advertising we ask for 10% of your revenue to help defray costs. 10% is way below what utube or Netflix gets. All genres are...
  4. wreckerman893

    Fantastic filming location in NE Alabama

    I am the Communications Director for Black Creek Productions in Gadsden, AL. We have a 900 acre site that is ideal for film production. It has industrial buildings dating from the early 1900's to the 1980's ranging in size from office to gigantic industrial (you can fly an aircraft through some...
  5. wreckerman893

    How do I ensure payment for services rendered.

    When working with a major production company or even indie film producers how do you make sure you get paid for services rendered or location rental? Do you require a letter of credit (for major producers) or maybe a credit card on file for smaller accounts? Do you get paid when services are...
  6. wreckerman893

    "Dixie Times" world premier

    A few years ago one of my military trucks (2 1/2 ton cargo truck AKA a "Deuce and a half") was used in an independent film titled "Dixie Times". My son and I were extras (I drove the deuce and he rode shotgun) and it was a pretty cool father and son experience. I became good friends with the...
  7. wreckerman893

    Coming to you from "Hillywood"

    Hello all, I joined this forum because I have been interested in the film industry for a while. I'm a retired military journalist and Public Affairs Supervisor. During my tenure with an Army Training Support Division my office published a quarterly magazine and produced in house videos that...