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    live action piece needed for a cartoon,regarding a water charity event. [NO PAY.]

    alright, I'm having a bit of trouble with my current project. see, I'm a cartoonist, an animator, not a live action director. I can't act[or even really talk] in front of a camera, and I can't seem to find any suitable public domain footage, so if anyone needs a little job to help gain some...
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    I don't post a lot here, mainly because I'm more of a cartoonist...but I have a question regarding the use of stock footage. and in this case [and like the title of this little post suggests]'s any stock footage with any sort of charity event. anything that represents charity at all. and...
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    vintage film countdown

    hey, this is probably asked a lot, but I couldn't find anything during my search. I just want to use an old film countdown in the opening of one of my shorts. the main character is watching an old black and white film in a theater, I think it's fitting to include the classic countdown. but...
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    ARTISTS WANTED [apocoplypic detailed backgrounds] you could tell, I can't direct or stage romantic material AT ALL. so I'm re-cutting "Lights of the Unknown", going back and polishing it up. re-animating some quick shots messing with the music at some parts, and adding some additional effects...
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    Touching up a short [animated] this shot over-used?

    hey, everyone. like a lot of filmmakers, I'm hardly satisfied with the end result. but this one of my little animated films really gets to me... I'm aware it's not that good. but I think it has potential to be A LOT better than what I settled for, so...
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    what about..a 2 second altered rule?

    Hi, everyone, I recently completed my first cartoon, and my composer thought it would be hilarious to use a bit of a lady gaga song as the character's ringtone. it was funny indeed, but I don't know if it's acceptable in case I want to include the cartoon in a future dvd release. he did alter it...
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    watch my take on a cartoon. [as opposed to an animated film]

    hi, everyone. I just completed and released my first cartoon, and could definitely use some feedback. [I'm really inspired by the classic cartoons I watched as a kid, and really tried to regain that cartoon feeling while making this one, rather than a lot of today's cartoons, who fail to do so...
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    well, it's not an indie film..but what indie cartoon?

    [whoops...wrong place to post this in. blast. sorry for the trouble...please delete..]
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    Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata"

    I'm aware that using a pre-existing recording without gaining rights interferes with copyrights. As far as I'm concerned, the sheet music is in the public domain (if not, please tell me), so, can anyone play this great piece? The music fits in with my current project very unusually, quite...
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    using 1920s/30s stock music.

    Hi, I'm currently working on a short film for a theatre project, and I would like to use 1920 jazz. Any sort of authentic 20s/30s music would work perfectly, but I haven't had a lot of time to do any heavy research on the copyright complications. Am I allowed to use any 1920s music in my little...
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    NEED MUSIC (local composer NOT required)

    Hi, everyone. I've been animating for a few years now. You know, little batman youtube videos. Well, anyways, I'm in the process of my very first independent film. Here's a quick teaser. I feel the music should have an extreme dark tone to it, almost...