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    Where to learn about lighting

    Hey guys, I've never been fully compfortable with lighting. And when I thought I was, I still wasnt happy with results. Where can I learn about lighting? Perhaps there is a youtube channel or video you know of that gives a good summary? Perhaps a DVD you know of. I want to know how to...
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    Lens advice

    Hey all, A new project came up that I want to shoot. This will be a short and am shooting on a t1i running ML with an 18-55 kit. Budget: the cheaper the better, as I still need to purchase everything else. This is not a commercial or a paid shoot. So I can get away with an OK quality, but...
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    help build an editing is what i have.

    Help me build an editing computer. Will also be doing 3d modeling and sculpting. Will be working in: After effects CS5 Premiere pro CS5 Cinema 4D Tracking stuff for matchmoving (leaning towards pftrack) Zbrush or some kinda modeling software. Here's what I think I need so far. If you think...
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    Help with live action footage and CG (reference video inside)

    Hi, I came across this video and writing script for my next short, these shots are extremely similar to what I am looking to accomplish. I will have numerous shots of similar composition with set extensions. In the video, the camera is locked...
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    Hacked GH1 info needed

    Hey guys, Lately more and more, hacked GH1 has been getting my attention. Mostly will be shooting shorts. I know hacked GH1s produce amazing quality and here are a few questions I have. It seems that there are a few hacks including: Blackouts, Ptool and I believe Panasonic has an update...
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    Software used by hollywood

    Just wondering, if tools like Adobe's After Effects and Premiere Pro (along with other similar ones such as vegas) are the top of editing and compositing (not including 3d) tools for top budget and hollywood films? What is out there? or is Affter effects and Premiere Pro are compared to...
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    Best all around lens for t2i for film making

    Hey guys, What is an all around best lens for the t2i for film making? Is there a lens that is both great for taking pictures and videos? What if I primaraly interested in making films? Thanks, Roman
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    Lag after rendering the videos in After Effects, Premiere Pro and Vegas…HELP!

    Help! Someone please! Either my editing/filmmaking is done until I get a new computer or someone please tell me I’m doing something wrong. Yesterday I made a quick intro in After Effects CS5. A 5 second clip involving built in Particle World and 3D camera flying thru the text. Very basic and...
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    Film effect beyond your basic color correction and frame rate.

    This may not be groundbreaking to some of you, but I was watching some movies and I’ve noticed something…Most of the shots are slightly movable(?) I always thought that most shots are shot on a tripod or some other kind of pod, but I noticed that even at times when it seems like they are using...
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    Nikon D3100 vs D5000 vs t2i ( 550 D )

    Hey guys, Looking to make my first feature and looking for a budget dslr. Now originally I was planning on D5000 or t2i. Now most ppl say t2i wins however I am on a low budget. I have been searching forums and they say D3100 gives t2i a run for its money in terms of video quality. Have any of...
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    Best editing software for these cameras and editing in general.

    Hello guys, I’ve used the search button but it seems like I still cant answer my questions. I plan on getting t2i ( 550D ) or a D5000 DSLRs to shoot my movies. I have been using Sony Vegas Pro for a while now however I have always had rendering issues and my videos ( no matter how good they...