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  1. wreckerman893

    Georgia, US, is now No 3 in film production.

    In Atlanta you have Tyler Perry who has been very productive with films and plays. You have the Walking Dead series which is drawing a lot of attention to the state. Pinewood Studios (James Bond franchise) is building a huge facility near there. And, as noted there was already a big media...
  2. wreckerman893

    Noah 2014

    I saw the movie the other day and was OK until the rocks started roaming around and talking. Just a little too SCIFI for my taste for a biblical movie. It did sort of explain how a few people built a wooden Titanic in a few years. Was the movie entertaining? Yep. Was Crowe good? Yes. Would I pay...
  3. wreckerman893

    Need idea for new company name

    My company, Black Creek Productions, was named thusly: Black Creek flows through the valley where my farm is. In the early 1800's my family (on my maternal grandfather's side) owned a huge tract of land that the creek flows through. It flows over one of the icons of my youth, Noccalula...
  4. wreckerman893

    Gadsden Fund A Film Fest 2014

    Anyone close by is welcome to come by and support our effort to fund a film to be produced in Gadsden, AL, using local producers, actors, extras, crew and support personnel. Check us out at: Black Creek Productions...
  5. wreckerman893

    Film-set tragedies

    Also absent from the article was weather or not the crew had permission to be on the tracks. It is very difficult to get permission to film on live rail due to the fact that rail traffic is high on a lot of corridors. There are many abandoned and short lines (with little or no traffic) that...
  6. wreckerman893

    Everything has a story

    Whenever I see a rusty old vehicle I think to myself "at one time that was someone's pride and joy". Maybe the first vehicle they ever owned or one that some special event took place in. Dan Seals had a song that reflected that sentiment:
  7. wreckerman893

    $40,000 Samsung 84" 4K TV

    I remember when my boss bought an early flat screen TV in 2004. It was small and cost $3500.00. He wrote it off as a business expense even though it hung on the wall in his bedroom. Now I see huge flat screens for 2K or less and they're getting bigger and cheaper. I predict that in a few years...
  8. wreckerman893

    Shirley Temple Dies

    I didn't care too much for her movies but she was a product of a Hollywood that at least had a fa├žade of dignity and class. RIP little "Curly Top".
  9. wreckerman893

    About moving to California.

    My producer buddy called me from LA today. He's coming out in a few weeks to scout locations to film several movies. He has an office in LA and one in Nashville, TN. We had a long conversation about what there is in this area to attract independent and major film companies. He said the high cost...
  10. wreckerman893

    Grammer correction....

    If Jack helped you off the horse would you help Jack off the horse? You tell me what's wrong with that sentence. I have been a writer most of my life and I am somewhat of a grammar stickler. If you are going to write screenplays, novels, stories or manuals on repairing widgets you need to...
  11. wreckerman893

    About moving to California.

    I had a location scout call me the other day from LA looking for a place to film a war movie. One of my locations is a former military base that has partially been turned over to local officials. He told me that he was charged $3000.00 to film for four hours on PUBLIC PROPERTY (a former...
  12. wreckerman893

    North Korea wants a film fest.

    If you don't mind supporting a lunatic that now has nuclear weapons by all means spend some money over there. Having spent two and a half years just south of that workers paradise I can tell you that they are lousy neighbors. If the world had cut off their food and fuel 20 years ago they would...
  13. wreckerman893

    RIP Philip Seymour Hoffman

    Another talented person that rode the "white horse" into oblivion.
  14. wreckerman893

    About moving to California.

    Nope........Union General Philip Henry Sheridan "If Sheridan was unpopular in Texas, neither did he have much appreciation for the Lone Star State. In 1866 newspapers quoted him as saying, "If I owned Texas and Hell, I would rent Texas and live in Hell", a statement which he repeated in later...
  15. wreckerman893

    About moving to California.

    If I owned Hell and California I'd live in Hell and rent California out.
  16. wreckerman893

    Homework help

    Most college professors have ways of determining if a work is from an "Essay Mill". I had a fellow student get bounced because he submitted a paper that he had bought. When I was giving classes in the military I had a pretty good idea who was using "probability enhancement" to try to pass the...
  17. wreckerman893

    Sticker shock?? O M G

    Am I riff or raff???? Never can keep that straight.
  18. wreckerman893

    Another millionaire asking for money on KickStarter

    Many rich people got rich, or richer, by using other people's money. It happens all the time in other businesses. It's no different that asking "the little people" to invest in stock or fund research and development. Is what she did tacky and tasteless......probably, but that seems to be the...
  19. wreckerman893

    Black Creek Productions

    My accent has followed me all my life. When I went to the Defense Information School to become a military journalist I had to do a screen test and a voice test in addition to doing the print portion of the school. Since writing has always been my forte I was not too disappointed when they said I...
  20. wreckerman893

    Black Creek Productions

    BUMP......We had the Chamber of Commerce ribbon cutting last week and the local TV channel covered it. I'll be doing a longer studio interview early next month. Here is the link: