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  1. Ned Daly

    Dirilis: Ertugrul

    I was thinking more of HOW. The logistics of shooting so much in so little time. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  2. Ned Daly

    Dirilis: Ertugrul

    Started watching this on Netflix when I noticed there are 448 roughly 45 minute episodes over five years. WTF? How did they do this? Locations, fight scenes, horses, costumes.... Serious question if anybody knows the answer.
  3. Ned Daly

    festivals Film Festivals

    As I said, read the fine print. The two I saw (Toronto Smartphone and BetterCities) say that by SUBMITTING you give them license to do anything they want with the whole film. Worldwide. Forever. And they want you to pay them.
  4. Ned Daly

    festivals Film Festivals

    If you are submitting to festivals, read the fine print. I have come across two festivals in the last month that not only want your submission fee, but then claim the worldwide, perpetual right to do anything they want with your film. I have complained to FilmFreeway about this, but nothing...
  5. Ned Daly

    music Too loud?

    Thanks for the help. Will forward to the sound people.
  6. Ned Daly

    music Too loud?

    Question I had a showing last night at a kind of "open mic" night for filmmakers. Small screening room run by folks who run a pretty good film festival. Sound and image matched well. But it was TOO LOUD. What can I do to ensure that when the film is shown, the sound is at the volume I want?
  7. Ned Daly

    Day Jobs

    Day Job Uber. Not much money, but great flexibility.
  8. Ned Daly

    Location in Northeast US, Ardennes-Forest-Like + Snow

    Try the area around Ft. Drum/Watertown NY. My consulting contract out there specified I had to complete outside work by Columbus Day due to threat of snow.
  9. Ned Daly

    Recommendation for 75 year old editor

    Something like "In the Blink of an Eye" by Walter Murch
  10. Ned Daly

    DIY movie poster

    Why does FilmFreeway provide a laurel maker for each festival as soon as the festival makes a film an Official Selection? These are festival-specific and look to be provided by the festivals.
  11. Ned Daly

    movies What's the last film you watched? And rate it!

    The Long Day Closes - A Tour de force of camerawork
  12. Ned Daly

    Resilient Media Group

    Directorik I think I am going to pass. As a purely business proposition, they have all the data and I have none. 70% of what? How many views? I have no way to audit any of this. Even if they were transparent, I don't see a dime until my share gets to exceed $100. I have another, albeit slim...
  13. Ned Daly

    Resilient Media Group

    Thanks for the thoughtful advice. Several good points to ponder.
  14. Ned Daly

    Resilient Media Group

    They want two years. I want to leave as little on the table as possible.
  15. Ned Daly

    Resilient Media Group

    Thanks for the reply 70% of the "net" (Ha!) Nothing to compare it to. Had given up trying to monetize. No previous offers. No better deal available. Any money made on these would frankly exceed expectatiions.
  16. Ned Daly

    Resilient Media Group

    I have just gotten an unsolicited offer from Resilient to distribute my two older shorts on their ROKU channel. Anybody have any experience with them or similar? They are offering 70%. Is this the going rate? Thanks
  17. Ned Daly

    DJI Osmo Mobile 2

    Hi Does anybody have any experience with the DJI OSMO Mobile 2 or equivalent gimbals. Practice, practice, practice - OK What else?
  18. Ned Daly

    Do the leads deserve royalty on any potential earnings?

    Heard this when I first went to LA in 1978. "The last word in show business is business." Never forgot.
  19. Ned Daly

    Acharya Tulsi Short Film Festival

    Filmmakers beware! The regulations of the above "festival" require a $10 submission fee AND require the filmmaker allow "ATSFF to license the entry, in perpetuity on an exclusive, worldwide, residual-free and royalty-free basis, in all media formats and uses," I don't know about you, but to...
  20. Ned Daly

    watch First filmed narrative

    Have not read Annihilation.