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    Nuclear explosions, space footage and special effects

    Hi post-prod people! We have just launched a new special effects ressource: Ultra HD Nuclear explosions, space footage, shockwaves, etc., we'll try to cover them all. Note that everything is download only. We sell 4K special effects bundles of unmatched quality /...
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    watch "Elements"

    Hi I just finished this short, if you'd like to comment, crtiticize, yell, or just say hi... It was shot on a canon 7D, I hope you like it. "Elements" Eric Mc Guire
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    3D footage to Avid MC5

    Hi I just started with Media Composer 5. I make a lot of CG footage with Maya and I used to work with EXR image sequences to maintain uncompressed video while editing. But it looks like Avid does not support the EXR 32 bit format. Is it possible to import 16 bit TIFF image sequences in Media...
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    HD Rendering and memory problems in Vegas

    Hi, I'm starting to freak out (yes just starting ok?). I've been a loooonnnnngggg time user of Vegas, and I thought I knew it perfectly and that it was the perfect tool for me. I've been making short corporate HD movies for different clients (less than 10 mins), and slowly but surely, I...