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  1. Murdock

    Developing a Shot List, With a Catch

    I'm almost done with the screen play, and am about to start with story boarding and shot lists. Here's the catch, in order to help show the passage of months, the lead has agreed to grow out his beard. (he should have 2 months worth of growth when we start shooting) My plan is to shoot in...
  2. Murdock

    Crew/ Casting Call!!

    When: Auditions: 15 May 2016, Shooting: 18 June 2016 Where: Grand Prairie, Texas (Suburb of Dallas) Title: When You're Innocent Synopsis: After being sentenced to death, a young man must live with his executioner. But, he doesn’t know when, or how, he will be executed. Crew Needed DP...
  3. Murdock

    Back In The Saddle!!

    Welp, it's been awhile. Life has been good. Lots of work, so money is fine. But I literally have had no time to do ANYTHING. I believe that has changed, and thing will become more steady. Sooooo, I have started making filming plans. Got a mini-docu in mind and a short film. Nothing fancy, I...
  4. Murdock

    What a Nice Present

    dI was just gifted an old Pentax MV 35mm camera. Included are an SMC Pentax-M 1:2 50mm, and a Sears(?:) ) 135mm lense. Pretty cool. The 50mm is an f2 and the 135mm is a f2.8. Now to fing an adapter, and order some 35mm film. :)
  5. Murdock

    Land of the Blind A lot of you movie buffs might have already seen this. If you haven't, I recommend it. It has a little of everything: Fahrenheit 451, 1984, etc. It adds the twist, that I haven't seen before (I think), of starting with an unsatifactiry system, folowed by...
  6. Murdock

    My New Business

    So, I've started a new business. Its called Print Media Solutions. Services offered: just about anything to do with printing, from billboards to business cards. I'm not sure if there is much demand for this sort of thing here, so I'll leave this post brief. If you do have questions, please...
  7. Murdock

    Work Lights

    So I just bought a couple of the work lights from Home Depot and I would like to recommend that noone buy these lights. The light is totally uneven. You get two "hot" lines parallel to the ground. The only thing I could see using these lights for is bouncing them off the ceiling to up the...
  8. Murdock

    Mixed light sources

    Maybe this has been asked before, but I couldn't find it:I'm thinking of lighting a scene with mixed light temperatures, such as 3000k work lights(halogen) and 5500k Flos (color correct with CRI rating and all that) : So if I set the white balance on my camera(T3i) to 5500k will it...
  9. Murdock

    Fresnel vs. Focusing Flood

    I have a lighting question. The size of the room is 12D x 12W x 15H. Its a shed with a gabled ^ roof. WHat I want to do is drape the interior with white sheets, and use diffused light to create a "from heaven above" feeling. The plan is to use thin sheets as the diffuser to create a soft but...
  10. Murdock

    Quitting Caffeine

    I have started cutting my intake of caffeine, in the form of coffee, down. And it sucks.:grumpy: I'm mixing half-and-half decaf with regular, and I'm not fooling my body, at all.:coffee: Just wanted to bitch a little.:) I feel like a F'in zombie. But 1-2 pots/ day will kill you, eventually.
  11. Murdock

    I took the Plunge!!

    Well, you apes, I did it. Picked up my new T3i today. Charged the battery and will start reading the manual tomorrow. I must admitt that this new purchase is somewhat bitter sweet. Fact is, I would much rather be working with film. But, it is what it is, and I can do a lot more filming with...
  12. Murdock

    Has anyone noticed??

    In the "Online User" column there is a hell of a lotta orange. Are there really that many more Premiere members or are there fewer non premiere users??
  13. Murdock

    I didn't know this was possible.

    See the photo below.:)
  14. Murdock

    For the Record.

    I received an infraction as well. Noone is being picked on. I admit I went over the top. But I stand by the principles I espoused in my posts. I only admit I could have worded them differently. Indietalk is one of the better forums I've had the pleasure to be part of. That's why I pay for my...
  15. Murdock

    Start of my kit.

    Okay, guys and gals, here I present to you the beginnings of my movie making kit. I am starting from nothing, so before you ask about other equipment understand I don't have any.:) Yes Alcove I will be buying a sound kit as well. I have your affordable list bookmarked. ;) What I want is a...
  16. Murdock

    Stuck in My Head

    If you get tunes stuck in your head easily, I wouldn't watch Mel Brooks' The Producers. I was at work all day yesterday half singing,"Spring time for Hitler and Germany." Got a couple looks and had to explain. :) If you haven't seen it here's the scene...don't watch it!! :)...
  17. Murdock

    Kind of a beating.

    Just watched 7 Samurai for he first time yesterday. I must say I was completely underwhelmed. It had its entertaining moments. But everyone that hypes this flick always seem to forget to mention that its a 3 and 1/2 hour beating. Okay, okay. I have already read about how this movie has been so...
  18. Murdock

    Who is your favorite artist.

    I mean in the classic sort of media. Mine would be Dali. Spain is probably my favorite. Or Bernini The Rape of Persephone being my fav.
  19. Murdock


    I added some photos to my allbum. These are practice shots where I was trying to consciously take a good picture, as far as shot comopisition goes. They auto exposure/focus, so don't critique that. What I would like is feed back on the composition/framing itself. Thanks guys...
  20. Murdock

    That Advertisement

    I'm repost this thread here.