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  1. GhostReporting

    Should I get a new camera?

    Man h44, I have to give you major props buddy. You are truly a master at your art. You have pulled off the most epic troll in the history of internet forums. 4 years later and people are still responding to your posts. I cannot comprehend how much time you have shaved off indietalk memebers...
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    Desperately need help. How to pitch my television show

    Sean, Honestly I have not practiced my pitch except to some friends and family. My original plan was to let the trailer do the talking. Then if the producers liked the concept I would provide more detail using a power point presentation. But after realizing that nobody would even care to...
  3. GhostReporting

    Desperately need help. How to pitch my television show

    Thanks for all the infomative replies! I am very grateful for your input. I guess it is probably best that I go back to writting novels instead of movie scripts and television. At least there are some outlets for self publishing using ebooks on Amazon. And realistically, I am probably not...
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    Desperately need help. How to pitch my television show

    Thank you kindly for the detailed response. I somewhat assumed this might be the reality of the business. However I am surprised that getting some talent scout to watch the trailer illustrating my concept and pass it along would be that difficult. That is depressing. I had a notion that using...
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    Desperately need help. How to pitch my television show

    HI all, it’s been a while since I’ve asked a question here but I desperately need some advice. I have what I believe is an excellent and unique reality show concept, which I am confident could become a success. However, I am just some random dude in Colorado with no connections to the...
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    SD or HD?

    HD>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>SD SD sucks!
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    watch Power Up

    That was pretty awesome, grats. I love that steampunkie style, it looks really good.
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    Favourite game of all time - Elder Scrolls Morrowind/Starcraft 2 Most played game - Starcraft 2 Least favourite game - Angry birds Most addictive - Soul Caliber 4, OSU Favourite console - PC!>360>ps3 Playing right now: Kingdom of Amular(Which is awesome, totaly recommend this one), Soul...
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    movies What's the last film you watched? And rate it!

    Triagle. 9/10, this is an awesome low buget sci fi/horror movie i highly recommed this movie and try to avoid any spoilers. Its best to watch this movie without knowing anything.
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    Another idea stored in my head...

    Deleted. I dont wanna hijack your thread sry
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    Having difficulties using After Effects., buy a 30 day membership for 20$ and go through the AE essential training. It is really good and the instructor does a great job of explaining everything. I find it better then the co-pilot stuff, but that's just me.
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    movies What's the last film you watched? And rate it!

    Let Me In....I though it freaking rocked and I hate vamp movies. 9/10!
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    What's the darkest most disturbing thriller ever made?

    This is easy, The remake of I Spit On Your Grave. I thought I couldnt be offended by anything, then I saw this movies 20 min rape scene. I have seen other rape scenes which couldnt compare to this one in the slightest. I like the movie besides this part though. On top of that, the lead...
  14. GhostReporting

    watch First Wedding Montage

    I also think redoing the intro would be a good idea. I think you should use white or light pastels for your colors. Also, changing the font to cursive type would make it look much more formal. IMO the dark colors and blocky text doesn't fit a wedding theme very well. I think the rest of the...
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    won $500, what would you buy?

    I guess my question doesn't come off very clear. I want to know what you guys would buy for yourself, not what I should buy. Im a gear junkie so I love seeing what other people have or want to have.
  16. GhostReporting

    won $500, what would you buy?

    I just won $500 at my companies Christmas party in a deal or no deal game. This money will be spent on some sort of movie making gear. I want to know if any of you were to win $500 dollars that you have to spend on movie gear, what would you buy? It can be anything related to movie making...
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    favorite Favorite Indie Sci-Fi's

    If you like space travel to mars movies check out the movie Stranded. It seems pretty low budget, but it had a pretty sweet story imo.
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    Best Freeware Programs Thread

    On the topic of blender check out this short called SINTEL all done with blender, its pretty amazing. I am a semi noob with blender and its very difficult but tons of fun.
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    Had an idea for a film...input?

    My idea starts off the same but varies after the opening. After the kid get shocked by the game his life functions like a video game. For instance, he can replay/restart days/events like game levels. He can be trying to talk to the girl and fail a bunch of times but keep replaying the...