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    screenplay Santa's Apperance

    I am writing a Christmas fantasy movie, but I want my Santa to look different from the contemporary American depiction. Can I have him wear a green robe and have a brown beard without alienating my American audience?
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    directing Working with DP

    Questions for everyone: How can I ensure that I have a good working relationship with my DP onset? Does anybody have any horror stories that they could share?
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    camera Film Cameras

    Who here owns a film camera and shoots on film? 16mm, 35mm, or 8mm? What is to gain from these formats that is lost on digital?
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    color-grading Green Knight and Color Grading

    I want to have a conversation about color grading. A few weeks ago I went to go see THE GREEN KNIGHT—a new movie based off of a poem about one of King Arthur’s knights of the Round Table. I myself am an Arthurian Legend enthusiast with my own Merlin movie currently in post-production, so I was...
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    story How to write low-budget intimate character drama

    I have a vague idea for a feature film that I would like to self-produce. It would need to take place almost entirely in one house (which would possibly be an AirBnB). I would like to tell a love story about a nymph who has been trapped inside of some sort of object, who falls in love with the...
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    camera-dept Good Camera for Nature Documentary

    Hello, I am planning an 8 day nature walk/documentary this June. I am looking for the right camera to rent. I will be in a multi-acre forest and will be spending a lot of time in the shade of thick green leaves that will obscure some of the natural sunlight. I need a camera that will be ready to...
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    camera Making a Found Footage movie that doesn't suck

    I am preparing to direct a found footage movie next summer (June 2021). The movie will be shot entirely in the woods. The story is set in England during the Middle Ages, and the "camera" is a memory preserving magic crystal. I am hiring a director of photography to film it. I will have him film...
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    movies Why I appreciate DeMille and "The Ten Commandments"

    So I love Cecil B. DeMille's The Ten Commandments with Charlton Heston as Moses. For me, it is pure cinema. It's got drama, spectacle, and sensationalism. Intellectualism and subtlety? Not so much... DeMille was criticized in his day for being too bombastic and vulgar with his films, but that's...
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    Hey there!

    I am so happy to have found this place. My name is Cole, and next summer I will be directing my first full length feature for 5000 dollars, hopefully to sell it to an indie horror company. My movie is a dark fantasy horror. I've come here to ask questions and to have some cool film-related...