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    screenplay Writing GoPro shots

    How to write something of this kind in screenplay (shooting script)? I googled a lot but couldn't find specific answer. So I just wrote like this, as a quick reference in the script.
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    screenplay How to - Montages with different setups/view points

    I'm trying to add montage shots from two perspectives. Is this a right way of doing so? In other place I have this. At a traffic signal Rajesh was waiting for signal. Meanwhile, some past events flash in his memory. The screen should return to the original scene after hearing the honks. How...
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    screenplay Screenplay of action scene

    After a while, I am working on a short film (action genre). I have never wrote anything on these lines before. Any suggestions/reviews please. Yeah, with a quick glance, it has lengthy descriptions. I am working on that too.
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    critique First page of first screenplay

    Hi, I am new to script writing, started with a story in mind. Just want to see how its going in terms of technical aspects and narration. It's just one page / starting scene to be precise. By the way I am using Celtx for this.
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    story Short Story from Script to Film

    I have a short story written a while ago. I am thinking of making a short film of it. It would be more or less a first short film. Of course, I want to keep budget as low as possible. It has 2 main characters and 5-6 supporting characters, 4 locations. How worth is experimenting with this in the...
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    Krishna Sarma, aspiring Director

    Hi all, This is Krishna Sarma from India. I am Software Engineer by profession and started a Startup a while ago. I am a part time writer, had a few short stories published in couple of anthologies. I also directed a short film. As time started permitting now, I want to focus more on the...