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  1. ShockingMind

    Composer & Music Maker

    Looking to collaborate and work with enthusiastic and innovative filmmakers, media developers and creative types. Below is a link to various sounds, themes and music ... it's a small collection of things already done (some used in projects others not). Always developing and looking for new...
  2. ShockingMind

    Real Time Rendering w/Lucas Film

    Just WOW!! Imagine this will have massive impact on Gaming/Disneyland etc as well as films.
  3. ShockingMind

    watch EVIL BLIZZARD [music video]

    Music Video I made for new UK band called EVIL BLIZZARD... A real community project with fans contributing all the video, was a lot of fun to make but not as much fun as seeing the band live!!
  4. ShockingMind

    Film in Restaurants/Cafes/Bars Locations

    I'm going to need to film a few scenes inside a Restaurant/Bar/Cafe for the next short film. I've never done this before...Any advice? What sort of tips n tricks have people used? Formal or informal approaches, Payment and/or incentives? The budget has all gone on pop and crisps (again) so...
  5. ShockingMind

    Crop senser and 'made for' aps-c lens

    Something that's been bugging me for a while but would like to know the definitive answer from someones big brain if possible... I've a Canon 550D and a canon 50mm... so actual lens length is 80mm when calculated with the sensor crop right?? Also got a Sigma 30mm... which i read somewhere is...
  6. ShockingMind

    watch Absent Friends

    Our second short film... Absent Friends. "After a funeral two friends try to find some closure but instead begin to realise that what they thought was all over, has actually only just begun. A tall tale of friendship and consequence. " Hope ya like it.
  7. ShockingMind

    Soderbergh Retires

    Director Stephen Soderbergh has said his next film Side Effects will be his last. Guardian Film article I'm half way through the rather plodding and disparate CHE. But DID enjoy Sex Lies and Video Tape. Out Of Sight I thought was excellent. Oceans 11,12,13 are all good popcorn movies. So...
  8. ShockingMind

    550D & ML Data Rates

    Hola!! I've been messing with the Magic Lantern Data Rates recently after seeing some online videos like this BUT... I'm filming tomorrow and haven't really tested to full satisfaction, obviously want to get the best shots possible but have already got enough to do on...
  9. ShockingMind

    Trust Your Audience (or do you?)

    Friend and I are writing some scripts for Short Films. We've recently had a creative discussion/Argument about his latest script. :lol: I felt that almost every aspect of the 'PLOT' was buried within the subtext. At the end I wasn't sure what had happened. He replied that you've got to Trust...
  10. ShockingMind

    Experimental or Fictional for Film Fest Submission

    Possibly a dumb question... Found a festival I'd like to submit my first short to... but slightly torn between the "Experimental Short" and "Short Fiction" category. The Film in question is essentially a monologue (although technically it's a dialogue as he's talkin to someone off screen)...
  11. ShockingMind

    Filming at Night when there are no practical lights

    I'm messing with a sequence at the minute that will occur during night. Man asleep hears a burgler goes down to investigate etc... What are peoples tricks and tips for filming at night, in the dark... Going to be lots of close ups of the Man as he hears sounds, reacts gets scared etc... So...
  12. ShockingMind

    Hi How Are you?

    Wotcha!!! We're a collective that started off as a band making music, then making videos for that music, now making short films. Just finished our first short project. We're based in Manchester (UK). Just a big general HELLO really!!
  13. ShockingMind

    watch No Stars - Short Film

    Hi All, Just finished my first short film. No Stars Existential ramblings of a half cut mind!! ;) Views and comments much appreciated.