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  1. KnightsFan

    watch Cardboard Boxes (Student Film)

    Last semester I shot this short project. I appreciate feedback! Most of my pre-production for this project had to be discarded since there was a hurricane/flood on the day of the shoot (it was originally set outdoors), but we pulled this together...
  2. KnightsFan

    watch Statue

    A fun little 3 minute movie. I'd love some feedback on it. Youtube link, in case you prefer that: (Personally, I never considered this "experimental," but other people told me it is so I put it in this...
  3. KnightsFan

    watch Dreaming of Space short film

    I just finished Dreaming of Space, a short adventure into science fiction and fun effects. What do you think?
  4. KnightsFan

    watch Hope and Disappointment (short film)

    This is my latest short film. A few months ago, I posted a mini version of this film, and this is the complete version. Shot over 4 days for about $10. Critiques or questions are welcome. My initial idea was to present an unconventional or...
  5. KnightsFan

    watch Hope and Disappointment short film

    This past spring I shot this short film. With 10 people involved, it was the biggest production I've done, and in my opinion the best. Everyone was a volunteer, we borrowed most of the equipment, filmed on campus over weekends, and edited with free...
  6. KnightsFan

    watch Lord of the Rings Music Video

    I just bought a GH3 and wanted to test drive it before filming anything serious, so I went to the mountains for an afternoon and shot a short Lord of the Rings music video. For those who don't know, Foundations of Stone is the opening music to The...
  7. KnightsFan

    Any other game makers?

    Does anyone else here enjoy making games? I've been tinkering for a few years, which is much like my experience with film. I've used Java, GameMaker, and Blender at different times and I've also made mods for other games on various development kits. I'm currently using Unity to make a zombie...
  8. KnightsFan

    watch Vault (Short Fillm)

    Just finished this up a few hours ago. I posted the trailer a while back. This was our first attempt at making something super VFX heavy. We filmed it last summer and slowly edited since then. It's better than I expected, because we learned how to do the effects as we went, and it is a $0...
  9. KnightsFan

    watch Trailer for "Vault"

    This is a fun little project I've been working on. It's perhaps not a great example of cinematic achievement, but it's still worth spending a minute to watch the trailer for. There were just two of us working on the filming. We wrote and filmed everything in a week, and then have been...
  10. KnightsFan

    watch The Reader (Short Film)

    Hey everyone, I'm an amateur film maker and this is a latest short film I shot. It's obviously a small production: no budget, just 5 people and a camera. We spent more time writing and planning than anything else. The story is a bit unconventional, just to warn you.