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  1. GhostReporting

    Desperately need help. How to pitch my television show

    HI all, it’s been a while since I’ve asked a question here but I desperately need some advice. I have what I believe is an excellent and unique reality show concept, which I am confident could become a success. However, I am just some random dude in Colorado with no connections to the...
  2. GhostReporting

    won $500, what would you buy?

    I just won $500 at my companies Christmas party in a deal or no deal game. This money will be spent on some sort of movie making gear. I want to know if any of you were to win $500 dollars that you have to spend on movie gear, what would you buy? It can be anything related to movie making...
  3. GhostReporting

    Quick Tripod Question

    I currently buying a tripod from a pawnshop, but it does not include the camera plate. I have a cheapy $40 tripod at home, will the plate from that fit in any other tripod? I cannot bring mine in and check because my camera plate is at home, and I'm 3 hrs from away. If they are not universal...
  4. GhostReporting

    Placement of Zoom h4n for dance recital sound collection

    Im am filming a dance recital this weekend and need some advice on recording the sound. I have a zoom h4n external recorder that I plan on using for sound collection. My question is where would be the best place to put the recorder to get the best sound(behind the crowd, in front of the stage...
  5. GhostReporting

    ND filters help/recommendation for t2i

    Hi all, Looking for some advice on what ND filters to buy for a canon t2i. My main objective is to shoot video using the correct exposure at 1/50 outside in bright light. The lenses that I use are the kit EF-S 18-55mm lens, and the Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II. What basic ND filters should I buy to...