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  1. JCredfox

    pre-pro Preparation of a new movie project "Bloedtranen" (Blood Tears) | Teaser

    Hello everyone, Sometimes it's helpful to make a teaser before starting the big project. We did just that while preparing for our new fiction movie project "Bloedtranen" (Blood Tears). I discovered that it helped me to develop a clear vision about the style of the movie. Furthermore, when you...
  2. JCredfox

    The Seven Mirrors - Trailer (ENG SUBBED)

    UPCOMING: A Dutch movie 'De Zeven Spiegels' (The Seven Mirrors) with ENGLISH SUBS. De whole movie has a runtime of 57 minutes and will hopefully be released on Youtube during the spring (2022).
  3. JCredfox

    Hello there.

    Hello, After being absent from this forum for a couple of years, here I am again. I'm a Dutch hobby filmmaker. I didn't engage in movie projects very much last years because of work and other things. But it's good to stay inspired... Regards JC