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  1. SixOhThree

    Shooting a car accident

    I am writing a story right now that I will be producing myself, and at a somewhat pivotal moment in my outline a car is run off the road. It doesn't have to be an over-the-top, Fast and Furious type crash, but it needs to look intense enough that the passengers are convincingly shaken up...
  2. SixOhThree

    Has anyone left Premiere for FCPX?

    Howdy, I've been inactive here for quite some time but recently I've taken a job as a videographer with a wedding photography company. I have used Premiere Pro for many years but I'm finding that it's taking much longer than I want to edit wedding footage. I tooled around with FCPX once and...
  3. SixOhThree

    Mid-range lens brands (Sigma, Rokinon, Tokina)

    I finally just got my BM Pocket Camera and after playing with it a bit, I realize I need to purchase another lens or two. My criteria is a fast prime near the ~$500 price point. I'll definitely be picking up a 24mm and possibly something else in the 14-17mm range. Does anyone prefer any brands...
  4. SixOhThree

    Simple adapter vs Focal Reducer - worth the extra $?

    Lens adapter vs Focal Reducer - worth the extra $? I just took advantage of the Blackmagic Pocket Camera's price break. It's back ordered so I'm going to have to wait a few weeks for the camera, but I am trying to prepare for a shoot on August 31 in which I'd like to use it (assuming it's in by...
  5. SixOhThree

    Hi from New Hampshire

    Hello! I'm JP, from the wooded area north of Boston, and I'm a zero-budget filmmaker. I have a college degree and some real world experience in broadcasting but I put that all behind me when I realized that the broadcasting industry is a destroyer of souls. Now I work in criminal justice and...