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  1. Spatula

    Toronto Deal on Rep Cinema

    Hey Indietalk, Spat here. Been a while since I've been able to sit down and post because I've got a lot on the go, but thought this might be appreciated here... The Fox Theater (located in "the beaches") was built waaay back in 1914 or something and is very similar to the Bloor cinema, where we...
  2. Spatula

    Mushroom Zombies

    Well folks, I'm happy to say that the first week of principle photography on my feature film is wrapped! We shot a little over 65% of the movie (23 tapes on 2 cams) in 8 nights and 7 days. It cost just under $1500 including SPFX, food, transportation (well, a little more with everyone pitching...
  3. Spatula

    watch Mushroom Man Test Shoot

    Hey guys, Here's a video we shot a few weeks back as a tech test. Did a SPFX test for the "pipe stab" as well as a scene test, audio workflow, etc,etc. Just curious if you guys have any input. Shot on: half on Canon XHA1 and half on Panny HVX200 HD...
  4. Spatula

    Location Scout

    Hey guys, I posted the location scout video for our upcoming feature, The Mushroom Man, online for the cast and crew to check out. The bulk of the film will be shot at Dome Country, site of the Wreck Beach Film Festival. I still am going to make another scout video for the other locations, but...
  5. Spatula

    Day for Night

    OK.... 1) Who's shot day for night before and what are some helpful primers to keep in mind? 2) Can you post link to footage so I can see? It gets REALLY dark at night down at the location I'm shooting at in the fall. I might shoot a mix of day-for-night, magic hour and dead-of-night... how...
  6. Spatula

    New Feature Film: Officially In Preproduction

    Oops, I've done it again... that's right. I wrote myself a script and now I'm a'gonna shoot it! Well, for those who might not be familiar with me (since instead of posting here as often and blogging about wanting to write, I've been actually focused on writing for the past year!).... Hey...
  7. Spatula

    watch True Cautionary Tales of Science Fiction

    Bill and I had an extra day of rental time on 2 Canon XH A1s and some gear so we banged out these sketches. It's best to let them load a bit before watching, but lemme know what you think, and please don't forget to rate and comment! The True Tale of the Cure for Supercancer...
  8. Spatula

    watch Macbeth 3000: This time it's ONLINE!

    Hello good folks of the indietalk world! After 3 years of intense low-budget production and 4 years of patient brooding I can proudly (well, maybe not proudly, but certainly firstly) present the FULL LENGTH FEATURE FILM of "Macbeth 3000: This Time It's Personal" is now available for your...
  9. Spatula

    Any Questions for Kevin Smith?

    Hey guys, Reporting in from Toronto where we're in the midst of the Kevin Smith Fest... K Dawg is up here with Mewes doing Q&As and screening all his Askewniverse flicks... saw him at the 3-hour Q&A at Roy Thompson Hall last night and tonight was Clerks and Clerks II followed each with...
  10. Spatula

    5000 Seconds (Collage Film)

    Hey film people. I stumbled across this: It's a collage-film that will be edited by Erik C. Andersen (did Four Rooms and Broken Arrow apparently) that they're making into a feature selected from submissions. Looks like they want a "reflection of the times we live...
  11. Spatula

    watch Cinema Spatula Demoreel 2008

    Hey dudes and dudettes, After finishing TIFF this year I couldn't be more motivated to work on more and more projects, but as I'm finishing up the last of my current ones, I decided it was about time to cut a demoreel from all my older stuff (so I can finally move on, LOL)... and within a...
  12. Spatula

    TIFF '08

    So we're past hump day at the Toronto Film Fest this year... I'm working "red carpet" in the evenings down at the Scotiabank, basically rounding up the talent and programmers when they arrive and making sure they get where they need to go.... it's been a lot of fun this year, but very busy for...
  13. Spatula

    Lighting a Nightclub for HD shoot

    Heya DOPs and Cinematographers, gots a question for you... do you have your thinking caps on? Are said thinking caps emitting 500ks of effervescences? Excellent! So I'm part of a crew shooting a 15-30 second ad for some club this Saturday in HD, and though the official position is "lighting/all...
  14. Spatula

    OMG Indy 4 is AMAZING!!!!

    I somehow got myself into an advance screening of Indy 4 tonight... Won't spoil ANYTHING... but know this... this movie is PERFECT, as far as what I wanted to get from it. PERFECT. AMAZING. Go see it this weekend. Then we can talk, lol.
  15. Spatula

    Distrbution through BlastIPTV

    Hey guys, A couple days ago I was contacted by a company called Cybermesh Systems after applying to be a content producer on a site called BlastIPTV... these guys are looking to combo the internet onto people's TVs and create "channel-like" experiences on the internet (the BlastIPTV website is...
  16. Spatula

    Sony to offer mobile movies

    LINK: Interesting. Discuss.
  17. Spatula

    INDY 4 TRAILER IS UP!!! Go see the amazingness of Indy 4 now and then fall on your knees and kiss the sky, because Indy 4 looks like a film made by the gods!
  18. Spatula

    I'll be back....

    You be Beethovan... A glitch in the Matrix has given me posting privileges!!! Wahoo! (BTW Indie, it happened when my password reset... just so you know :D) But just wanted to say that I'll be back here in full swing within the next couple of months. I'm having enough friggin trouble making...
  19. Spatula


    Hey guys, Been sick all weekend (worst flu EVER!), but I've been doing research on stuff, and I stumbled upon the application page on the Director's Guild of Canada... More relevant to filmmakers of either Canada or the US, there's a PDF there I thought worth...
  20. Spatula

    On The Lot: Discuss the show

    Who else watched the first episode of On The Lot tonight? I like it... I really like it. I've never been so hyped about a reality show! For those who missed it, for the first episode, the filmmakers were all given loglines and then had to pitch their story to the judges. I felt SO bad for the...