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  1. CHamburger

    New York Film Group?

    Hey guys, looking to start a NYC film group that would meet up at different public locations in case any of us are secret slashers. Its mainly for NYC people but if anyone from the neighboring states are ever in the area it's open to all. I think it'd be cool maybe grabbing a beer with other...
  2. CHamburger

    Anyone else pissed

    About the new Footloose? I think it looks so stupid, like another "highschool musical" "What're you gonna do dad, pass another LAW?!" Wow, you cannot remake an 80s classic like that! What the fudge!! I wonder what kind of soundtrack its gonna have. There's no way to beat the 80s...
  3. CHamburger

    Craigslist Casual Encounters section

    Has anyone ever had any dealings with someone they met off the CE section on Craigslist? I'm just curious. And I know by posting this up I might come across as a male in need of some CL affection but its for a mockumentary I was thinking about. Sort of where a guy breaks up with a chick. Now...
  4. CHamburger

    Short idea with dolls!

    Hey guys I came up with an idea I thought was pretty funny the other day using only dolls as the actors and I'd add the voices later. Its about Ken, who has a anime porn fetish specific to female Disney characters that gets in the way of his sexual relationship with Barbie. I was hoping you...
  5. CHamburger

    Quality wireless lavelier mics

    Anyone have any thoughts on good lavalier mics that can hook up to a recorder on the person? Thanks
  6. CHamburger

    Entourage viewers?

    For my Entourage fans what'd you think of the season finale? Personally, I thought it was a little weak. Not as bad as sopranos cutting mid sent.. But it was still okay.
  7. CHamburger

    Horror Character copyrights

    Hey does anyone know if these are correct... (using the moving images of these characters) Freddy Kreuger--new line Mike Myers--?? Leatherface--New line Ghostface--dimension Chucky Rogue pictures Jason--Warner Bro Tallman--new line IT-- Warner Bros Pinhead--?? If I were to use the...
  8. CHamburger

    First short script-opinions Finished it the other day, what ya guys think?
  9. CHamburger

    How can I film a mirror relection talking to a characters?

    Hey, I have a scene for a solo project that I'm trying to figure out before I get behind and in front of the camera. I have a character who talks to the reflections in two side by side mirrors, how can I shoot that? Do I shoot one reflection then the other then combine in post? I kind of...
  10. CHamburger

    Cheap editing programs?

    Hey, just wondering if there are any cheap or even better free programs for editing. I need to be able to add in the audio from my digital recorder, cut and paste clips with transitions etc.. And it has to compatible with a Mac g4 ibook. I know its a lot but can anyone pass on some knowledge...
  11. CHamburger

    Getting actors?

    Hey guys, I have a short I wanna shoot. I have a camera, mic, digital recorder, shooting all in day time, but no available actors. I have friends who say they'd be down but they usually wind up flaking out, or they get stoned. How should I go about getting new people to act? I wouldn't be...
  12. CHamburger

    Canon HFR20 vs. Sony CX360

    I just stopped in JnR to check out some prices. These two both got great reviews for low light settings and the picture quality looked movie-esque both capable of recording 24fps. Which one do you guys think is the better buy. Anyone using any of these? gracias.
  13. CHamburger

    Its a deep burn!!!!

    Now for those of you who haven't read my awesome profile, you may be surprised to know I am an AVID mountain biker. I often race Harleys and Kawasakis because I am THAT extreme. Last night, while God was pissing on NYC I decided to take a bike ride through the local park, some people might...
  14. CHamburger

    Camcorder zoom question

    Hey guys, just a quick question. I took a test video of the camera I have. Nothing special just something to mess around with for now. It all looks okay in solid light like when the sun shines through the window and lights up the room. As soon as its slightly dark, the footage is grainy(Not...
  15. CHamburger

    Lighting explained?

    How well does this guy explain lighting? I don't really know too much about lighting so I'm trying to get acquainted. Anyone have any articles like this that try to explain lighting? I was going through the posts here but its so scattered its hard to get a definitive explanation on technique...
  16. CHamburger

    Mobile App

    Hey just wanted to find out if there is going to be a mobile app? Is it in the works? Are you guys in need of developers? If so I can take a look at some people who might know what they're doing over in NYC. Just trying to see what stage of realization its in, if any at all. PROST!!!
  17. CHamburger

    Conflict within stories?

    Hi Y'ALL, thinking about a few things over the boredom hours at work. Does there always need to be a conflict in every story? Can one conceivably write a story that focuses on characters with a weird set of conditions rather than a conflict a character has to overcome? I was thinking about a...
  18. CHamburger

    Quick ? about montages & series of shots?

    Hi guys, just some formatting issues I want to clear up. Montage: can I have more than one in a script? I want to show characters attempt to overcome an obstacle. Later on I wanna show the characters achieving something through an innovative means. Is two too much? Also how do I determine...
  19. CHamburger

    Lighting questions

    Hey guys, just a quick scenario/question. When filming and you look at your surrounding/subject, whatever. You can see things in low light spaces clear with your eyes but when you try and film it its barely visible. Case and point: My bedroom has one light fixture thats not too bright but I...
  20. CHamburger

    Check out this article

    Hey whats up guys? Check out this article I found online. Anyone have any opinions.