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    announcement Seeking Moderators

    The BOO! I remember finding a pirated version of Horrors of War at Pacific Mall in Markham... on the back cover, they had listed Nicole Kidman a completely different description... so for THAT reason I nominate Boo. I vote Poke, Zensteve and that Nicholas Mohammed James Woodhouse guy to be...
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    How to direct actors?

    Giving a greater context of the setting or vision for the scene always helps, and you could try asking questions of the actors, see what they come up with or where they're coming from. Also, sometimes it's just hard to pull a specific performance out of an actor that you had in your head (they...
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    Movie plot holes. anyone?

    Agreed, but a good antagonist could be the environment (ie. cube, 128 hours), it doesn't always have to turn out to be Matt Damon.
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    YouTube VS Vimeo

    is there a weird part of vimeo? if so, i'd go there
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    Movie plot holes. anyone?

    i only ever "saw" the first movie, but i don't remember the part that explained why he did any of it at all, so I felt like the first movie wasn't meant to be THAT literal - Jigsaw seemed more like a Deus Ex Machina to tell a morality tale and the movie was more about the victims and their...
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    My pick from this year was Julia's Eyes. Fantastic movie. Also liked Stake Land. Wanted to see Monsters and I'm Still Here but couldn't fit them in, though I briefly met the director of Monsters. Last year, my pick was Symbol.
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    If Chins Could Kill: Confessions of B-movie Actor
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    watch Macbeth 3000: This time it's ONLINE!

    I patiently waited 3 years for them to expand the upload limit! Also, if you have a "Director" account and it lets you remove the 10 min limit and I believe gives you a bigger limit. I remember having to google the process of making your account a "director" and it was retardedly stupid to...
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    watch Macbeth 3000: This time it's ONLINE!

    The supergun is a peaceful science vessel, named thus to discourage attacks. Thanks all and enjoy!
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    watch Macbeth 3000: This time it's ONLINE!

    i done posted it to youtube..
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    INDIETALK + members! Can you please guide me?

    Very quickly this will become a thread for people to post links to their rom-coms, lol.
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    Getting medieval on vhs-c

    There's stuff you can do digitally as well- FXhome's software has some built-in plugins that can simulate scratches and old film... Making copies of copies digitally might make it look like old SD video or bad web video as opposed to an old vhs look. I'd back up the shit first on your...
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    What are you doing up so early? Geeze, Louise, go back to bed.

    This would be the perfect thread to start a discussion about kidney stones, night terrors or a family of cats raiding the dumpster outside your window.
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    How do you keep going?

    For the second public screening of Macbeth 3000 we had a decent enough turnout and there was one sweet old woman who came in because she "saw the commotion and wanted to see what it was about". As the film ended, she walked up to us (the main cast/crew) and exclaimed "That was just the worst...
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    Ah, virtual busking... I actually thought you were going to make a movie for ONE dollar. My curiosity asked "well, what's he gonna spend $1 on?"... I've seen a lot of crowd-sourced projects come... and always go... but you need pioneers, so keep truckin'. If it works, great... but I think the...
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    tv If you could remake a movie/tv show.

    Damnation Alley!
  17. Spatula

    Too Much for a Short?

    Needs ironing out, but I think it'd be good enough for a feature! Interesting concept, for sure. Personally, I'd make a fake trailer or try and make a "short feature" (ie. 60-75 mins) because I find movies are too long in general anyways.
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    should i quit my day job?

    Quit your day job and catch a ride on the night shift, baby. *Note: I am NOT implying the you become a prostitute, but rather, that you should at least keep ONE job if you don't have an income, lol. I use my two week vacation to work at TIFF and to make films and do everything else on...
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    What did you watch, tonight?

    Alice 3D - to echo zen, the 3d didn't add anything positive to it. The set designs looked good enough in 2d that it was not worth the extra. Plot was a bit so-so, too much focus on Depp's "CG-eyes". The Road - I'm going to have to re-read the book, but some character decisions in the flashbacks...
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    In filming, what are you good at?

    I took the Generalist approach first and dabbled in everything to understand the bigger picture, but now I'm focusing on maxing out my XP in Directing & Editing. Still need some work, but my understanding of the process from an all-hat POV means I know how to make it fun for everyone involved...