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    An Unknown Reality - A Short Film

    'An Unknown Reality' - A Short Film by Pedro Pucheu. Hey, this is a short film that I have recently made about a boy who has previously struggled with hallucinations, now believes that this new thing/being that he is experiencing is real and harmful to himself and others. Its a zero-to-no...
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    Anyone need an Editor?

    Hey. My name is Pedro and I'm a filmmaker based in London. Recently I've been looking to expand my editing portfolio and was wondering if anyone here wanted a video/film edited for them? If so please reach out to me through here or via email - Best Regards, Pedro
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    Looking for a composer to create a film score for my 7 minute short film.

    Hey, My name is Pedro and I've recently shot and edited a short film called 'An Unknown Reality', a suspensful film that explorers a boys' encouters with his hallucinations. I've been looking for a composer to create the score for it, unfortunately this is a 0 Budget short film so it wouldn't be...
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    Born to Grapple

    Hi! This is a video I made for a fighter who was about to have his first fight and wanted to promote it by showing off his skills. I shot it with the Panasonic G7 with a 25mm f1.7 lens I hope that you enjoy it and would be great if you could leave some feedback! Thanks
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    watch New Promo Video

    Hello! This is my new video I have made for my local boxing gym. Would be great for you guys to watch it and share some feedback. Best Regards, Pedro
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    wanted Royalty Free Music

    Hello! Does anyone know where to get royalty free music without having to get a paid subscription?
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    watch First Promo Video

    Hey! This is one of my first videos that I made with my camera! Would be great if you could check it out and give some feedback. Best Regards, Pedro
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    16 year old aspiring Film Director!

    Hey! My name is Pedro and I'm an aspiring Film Director. Film has been a major part in my life, and I've always been creating short films. I bought a camera (Panasonic G7) in April 2020 and have been doing photography and have made several videos. I'm planning on making a proper short film with...