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  1. Uranium City

    [Jul 30] What are you working on this week?

    Recording the final bits of narration for fellow Indietalk alum Ernest Worthing's feature.
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    Lightweight editor

    Look what the cat dragged in! Nice to be back.
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    Lightweight editor

    The consumer version of Vegas is around a hundred bucks and even has a decent Super 8 effect preset.
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    Dudes -- I MISS YOU!!!

    I was just wondering about you.
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    Failure at writing a screenplay, whats the reason?

    It's all about discipline. I grew up romanticizing writers and thinking how glamorous it must be to be able to just write all day. And constantly saying "I want to be a writer." But never putting in the work. It's work. There's no getting around that. And work is sometimes painful and dull as...
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    R.I.P. Garry Marshall

    One of a kind.
  7. Uranium City

    I can't believe it!

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    watch Suite: Billy Gutz

    Here's an essay movie which is also a good example of how even amidst catastrophic equipment failure, art can still be made. I sold this movie for $400 to a literary journal last year, and it was distributed in their annual DVD issue to over 3,500 subscribers. Please enjoy SUITE: Billy Gutz...
  9. Uranium City

    AIRBNB for locations?

    Airbnb is strictly residences, right? Residences aren't usually that difficult to acquire for location shooting, I wouldn't think. Even if your network of family and associates is pretty small usually someone has a residence you could beg to borrow for your movie. I imagine if you found a...
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    Is Dov Simens really the best Film making Teacher in the World

    Those who can, do; those who can't do, teach. And those who can't teach, teach gym.
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    NEWBIE over here - Really need some help!

    Make a movie! Get your camera out and one or two lights and some props and tell a story on your coffee table with your camera. Edit it together and post it here and ask specific questions like "I want this kind of light effect...what could I have done differently?" or "my narration sounded...
  12. Uranium City

    Turn on closed-captioning and learn about sound design

    The people writing the closed-captions on Netflix are KILLING IT. If you are new to filmmaking and want a crash-course on sound design, watch some movies on Netflix or Hulu with the captions turned on. You'll often find that they caption every single sound element within any given scene and...
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    Copying Tarantino

    Check out Stanley Kubrick's The Killing for another example.
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    Magic Bullet crashing Vegas Pro 9

    Thanks. Yeah, it seemed to work on test projects where I only had one short clip in the editor but now that I have the workings of an entire short, it crashes every time. Might have to render each scene or just grade conventionally with the on-board Sony tools. Dang! I was looking forward to...
  15. Uranium City

    Magic Bullet crashing Vegas Pro 9

    Anyone here experience this? I've seen a whole bunch of answers that aren't working for me. I'll add Magic Bullet to the effects chain of a clip and when I go to edit the settings it'll either say "Can't find a usable frame to open the editing window" or it will start to open, hang up, and...
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    Hey, I'm new here

    :director: Welcome!
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    Al Pacino Interview

    Cool! Thanks for the link.
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    set your Tascam (or Zoom) to stun!

    The Zoom and the Tascam sort of look like Tasers anyway, so a pistol grip is only appropriate.
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    Two actors have passed away.

    Russell Johnson was also in a couple of excellent Twilight Zone episodes, each curiously having to do with time travel. Execution and Back There.
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    Camera for a documentary on a budget

    What do you have in terms of sound recording equipment? Might be wise to stick with the 7D and invest in audio if you have none.