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  1. Nate North

    New Front Door

    The current demo project has gone through a lot of changes. So much so that the entire point, the demographics, the story, everything has changed except the cat. With that in mind, I'm rebranding it something that makes more sense, and including a short tutorial at the front gate, which is now...
  2. Nate North

    Indienews publishes story

    In a bizarre and unexpected turn of events, local news source Indienews has broken a longstanding forum record by posting over 20 articles per human content this month. We interviewed adjacent conversationalists to find out the source of this sudden and mysterious spike in volume. "It was the...
  3. Nate North

    cast A preview of life as a casting director

    Most of the time when I get hired as a consultant on an indie film, it's a vanity project of some type, and the first thing I do is suggest that they go through the casting process, instead of just hiring their friends. Of course, this advice is politely declined each time, then later, the...
  4. Nate North

    suggestion New posts vs activity

    At some point there was a change where the default for the list of new content changed to prioritize new posts over new activity. I can see where this would make sense, keeping fresh content up front. In practice however, Indienews, the piped in version of the indiewire news feed creates more...
  5. Nate North

    vfx Using AI to bypass the Uncanny Valley

    So I had talked about this technique at times in the past, but since we haven't gotten to this phase yet, there was no example video. Anyway, a few people had the same idea I had, and made a few test clips, so now I can show at least a crude example of what I've been talking about. All those...
  6. Nate North

    file-related 4k vs 8k output on youtube - is there a noticeable difference?

    Here is the 4k version (must select 4k on youtube) Here is the 8k version (must select 8k on youtube) 4k file was 400mb, 8k file was 9gb how noticeable is the difference to you?
  7. Nate North

    camera Infrared Photography

    Many don't realize this, but you can modify a cine camera to shoot in infrared pretty easily. Some people do this, and it creates a unique type of image that could be useful in certain types of film. Basically you would film backgrounds with this technique, and then key actors onto those...
  8. Nate North

    animation Thinking inside of the box - the worlds smallest movie

    I had never seen this before, but thought others might find it interesting. The second video is the making of segment. This entire film was shot in an area the size of a spec of dust.
  9. Nate North

    I told an AI to make me some cover art

    I told an AI to make pictures of a cat in a maze. (via 10 pages of python code) So far, it's not going great, but that's why I started running tests early. I think my cover art needs to be just a bit less horrifying and disconcerting than this, so I'll keep adjusting the sliders until people...
  10. Nate North

    camera What lens is this, and why am I using it?

    Recently we decided to switch lenses on the virtual cameras used in our project. The difference is subtle, but can be seen in every shot of this short video. I was curious to see who could answer this first correctly. What type of lens did we switch to, and why? The why part is where the...
  11. Nate North

    Post the best Indie short film you've ever seen

    The thing about indie shorts is that they don't get marketed. This means that regardless of quality, most people never see them. The only way to find them is typically through word of mouth. This post is just a place for people to link amazing indie shorts that they've seen. I'll start out...
  12. Nate North

    Couldn't have put it better myself

    I have a lot to say about modern filmmaking, Hollywood, and culture in general. Fortunately whoever this is said exactly what I think already, so I don't have to. I was hooked from the very opening, where he describes the two types of filmmakers. This is exactly how I see it. Couldn't have...
  13. Nate North

    Maerd - The last Save Point demo

    Logline: A cat is trapped in a surrealistic maze, and must find a way to escape. This video is the starting point. At the end of each video or "cell" you will see choices. Make a choice, and the film continues. I originally had planned to wait until this film was finished to post it. But I...
  14. Nate North

    music The Scoring Apocalypse

    Times change. It takes years to be great at something, and the faster times change the more we run into a problem, that the world we prepared for is no longer there by the time we finish preparing for it. They said that in the 70's and 80's, there were a lot of courtroom dramas on tv. A...
  15. Nate North

    series Severance

    I just found this new show called Severance, and watched it. Really interesting premise and execution. This draws from an eclectic set of influences, to good effect. Part "The Unpleasant Profession of Johnathan Hoag" part "Control" (by remedy entertainment) Bioshock, and maybe some of Terry...
  16. Nate North

    screenplay Chekhov's gun in the modern era

    I think most scriptwriters are familiar with the principle of Chekhov's gun. In case some are not, here it is in a nutshell "Chekhov’s gun is a dramatic principle that suggests that details within a story or play will contribute to the overall narrative. This encourages writers to not make...
  17. Nate North

    animation Leap Day

    Today marks the version 1.0 release of Unreal Engine 5. This is a historic day for filmmakers of all type, because from this point on, you are only a greenscreen away from any photorealistic location you can imagine. No more shall Indie films be restricted to the filmmakers home, property, and...
  18. Nate North

    Save Point - a place to learn animation and filmmaking

    It's been a good while since I posted a flier for this, and a lot has changed over at Save Point. Save Point is an organization that allows creators interested in animation and filmmaking to learn on the job by joining an open collaboration project. We use Unreal Engine 5 to create a single...
  19. Nate North

    software Stupid Robot

    I gave this robot the sheet music for a haunting piano melody. It thought about the job for 5 hours, and then tried to play the entire song with one hand. Facepalm. Nothing ever works the first time, par for the course. The hope is that eventually we can get 3d characters to play live music...