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  1. Spike

    screenplay Blank Paper/Canvas

    I see dead people.
  2. Spike

    treatment The rest of the story.

    I hate to break the rules and spoil the fun, but our horror treatment seems to have wound down, and I found myself outlining the rest of the story.
  3. Spike

    misc Maybe stereoscopic video is not completely dead

    What about a Magic Eye Movie? Jurassic Park, the Magic Eye edition:
  4. Spike

    New Front Door

    Re Front Door: I wanted to comment here, not so much because I have anything of value to say, but in appreciation for the work and the immensity of the project. The video, I think, is kind of beautiful--the flames, the idol, etc. Also, the "camera" movements and angles feel really...
  5. Spike

    What are you listening to right NOW!

    Sent into a YouTube rabbit hole by Dean Jay's post above, I bumped into this and watched it. Again. A few times. A few things to say: First, it is, of course, a beautiful scene--so kind of joyous, in itself, and so bound to the movie (a, as one you tube wit called it, heartwarming film about...
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    treatment 10 Word Treatment (Horror)

    "Get away!" Gator screams. "But dudes," Gator-man says, "It's me!"
  7. Spike

    news George Jetson Will Be Born This Sunday July 31, 2022, According to Hanna-Barbera Show’s Lore

    Without looking it up? You win, suspire. Good trivia. One of my favorite things about the Jetsons was the theme song, a classic with some killer trumpet.
  8. Spike

    What are you listening to right NOW!

    True, I suppose, for a classical music fan, but that's not me. For me it's baroque, not classical--two different animals. For me, 1750 is the day the music died. :)
  9. Spike

    treatment What I learned from the frustration of (re-)writing 2 page treatments

    I'm sure you know this book, but just in case, and for anyone who writes anything, here it is again. I remember it fondly from school days, Here's a pdf, or you can buy a kindle edition for 3 bucks or so.
  10. Spike

    Ah, these guys, who we have seen dozens of times, here and there, real pros, enriching...

    Ah, these guys, who we have seen dozens of times, here and there, real pros, enriching everything. It must have been especially sad for you, Mara, having known the guy.
  11. Spike

    treatment 10 Word Treatment (Horror)

    he collapses. The reptile stares, as his nose . . . grows. Meanwhile,
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    What are you listening to right NOW!

    I mentioned that I liked Amazon's Bosch, noting the intro, which, when I dip back, I usually don't skip, because it kind of gets me. Anyway, I was curious about the music, finding out it was a snip from Caught a Ghost, who I had never heard of (which means nothing; I know little about...
  13. Spike

    treatment 10 Word Treatment (Horror)

    Dubois holds the tiny gator. Wonderous! And then is bitten!
  14. Spike

    critique A bit

    Yes, Nate. I think you're exactly right re being character driven. The story I imagine is pretty focused, the five or so years of Bach in Köthen, biographical for sure but not, in intent, a biography. I think it could be told in a standard length movie.
  15. Spike

    critique A bit

    Thanks, Celtic. I imagined this to be a little comic, the Prince having a little fun with the guy whose job it is to keep his "travel diary." (The Prince is real, by the way, and the document exists in a museum in Köthen.) But it's helpful to see that this wasn't transparent. And thanks for...
  16. Spike

    What are you listening to right NOW!

    The third movement of the second Brandenburg Concerto. Sorry for the upcoming didacticism. I'm a sententious fucker, I know, (wake up, Nate :) ) but I can't help it. Oh well. Anyway...let me share, a bit, for anyone interested.. It's a concerto grosso, that is, instead of a solo instrument...
  17. Spike

    What are you working on today? Community Blog

    Many fish bites if you got good bait. :) Taj Mahal
  18. Spike

    critique A bit

    Good stuff, Ms. Mara :)
  19. Spike

    critique A bit

    Thanks guys. I'm kind of used to being ignored, and it is nice of you to take some time and thought. It's nice to have a few readers. It's, for me, motivating, and I appreciate it. Ms m, it is interesting that you think the first bit is expendable. It confirms what I suspected: the sequence...
  20. Spike

    critique A bit

    I posted a bit, a bit ago, about a project I had been imagining, and abourt how i couldn't get started. But, once I was able to describe the sene, the sequence, in a paragraph, and after I read what mlessman had imagined--a scene between a Prince and a Composer--I actually got started. Here's a...