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    Should you even...

    Should you even consider making a movie if you don't have things under control? For instance, I want to make a movie (this is hypothetical, as I've made quite a few). I am new to the business of filmmaking and have not really made more than backyard skits or shooting my sister's wedding. But I...
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    watch Mob on the Run - A mafia dramedy web series

    Been working on this web series since last year and have been through the roller coaster of problems/situations. It started off wrong, as an under-funded, under-staffed project that has blossomed into this new thing of "run and gun" filmmaking on less than a shoestring budget. It has suffered at...
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    The 15 Minutes of Fame Script-to-Screen Competition - Thousands in Prizes

    This card should help to explain most of it. The site explains the rest. GOOD LUCK! (If you have additional questions, there is a link at the top of the contest page.)
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    Location we found in PA, close to NYC

    Howdy! So, we were looking for a place that we could shoot a small short for an IndieGoGo promotion ( that's the actual video we shot). It had to be all-encompassing and offer me choices by way of scenery change. That's when we stumbled onto the Mansion House. If you...