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  1. cheeseandachallenge

    Run and gun/low key cameras

    I’ve not been shooting for a while, normally in production depts or in the edit suite over the last few years. So I’m well out of date when it comes to knowledge of current options. My entire kit was stolen a few years ago but I never replaced it as I don’t do so much shooting myself anymore...
  2. cheeseandachallenge

    Anyone editing in DaVinci?

    Howdy doody, I've been offered an edit job, director is really pushing for us to use DaVinci (he's a blackmagic owner and as a result it's the software he's most familiar). When I looked into it a few years ago it was a long way behind Adobe or Avid. That said apparently DaVinci has made some...
  3. cheeseandachallenge

    Website builders for basic portfolio site

    Howdy doody all, Haven't been here in a while. I've popped back to ask how you guys deal with building your websites? I've been using mine as a few years as a simple/easy way to share my work with potential clients and collaborators, a digital CV or portfolio of sorts. But at the time I was...
  4. cheeseandachallenge

    watch Changing the Tide (Trailer for Time Travel Climate Change Short)

    Howdy guys, Haven't been active in a wee while, but just wanted to share my latest trailer which was just released: This was my first experience directing and editing without being my own producer as well. It's also the most...
  5. cheeseandachallenge

    watch No Budget Music Video

    Howdy y'all, I made a music video for a friend's band. They live in a different city, and half the band are unemployed so we didn't really have a budget (outside feeding and transporting folk, of course). Have kind of gone for a more narrative/anti-music video approach with this one...
  6. cheeseandachallenge

    Cloud Storage

    Howdy folks, I have a drawer full of harddrives, which isn't ideal/entirely safe, as well as being kind of expensive - so i'm looking into cloud storage (pretty much just to have back ups). Does anyone use cloud storage? My requirements: At least 20TB of space (unlimited would be good, but my...
  7. cheeseandachallenge

    watch Unstuck - Neo Noir

    About 2 years ago an IT member, and myself started collaborating. I produced and directed our first short, Unstuck about a year and a half ago. After my distribution/festival plan didn't quite work out, and I ran out of money, I kind of went into a period of post-film depression about the...
  8. cheeseandachallenge

    The value of a feature 1st AD credit

    Haven't been around in a while, but I've been offered 1st AD on a feature coming up. However due to scheduling and a few other things happening over the coming months, the payoff is that I'll have to quit my job, move out of my house, not see friends and family over Christmas and new years...
  9. cheeseandachallenge

    Cold call (email) pitching

    What's your process when pitching something to a potential collaborator? In the past, I've tended to work with people I tangentially knew, so the process was a bit more colloquial as we had a common point of reference. But for my current project, I'm looking to go a bit wider in attaching the...
  10. cheeseandachallenge

    How Should I Be Credited

    Hey team. I applied for an 'assistant editor' job and got it. However, I've realised the job isn't really what an assistant editor does. They already have a cut film, but due to various circumstances (producers/director want to keep cutting it and the original editor is unavailable, or perhaps...
  11. cheeseandachallenge

    "All-round" post-production abilities necessary?

    I realise this is hugely dependent on local conditions and markets, what sort of work I want to do, etc. I will seek out more local, specific advice in the future, but just to start my preliminary thinking, I wanted to get some thoughts. I'm due to graduate at the end of the year. I don't...
  12. cheeseandachallenge

    Uwe Boll on Crowdfunding
  13. cheeseandachallenge

    Is it worth submitting shorts to festivals?

    I know this thread has been done a million times before, buttt: I finished my best short film to date late last year, with the intention of getting into tropfest. I was quietly confident, having seen the quality of the previous years finalists. In brief, things didn't transpire as I'd hoped and...
  14. cheeseandachallenge

    Hidden audio in a car

    For a documentary project I'm hypothesising about, I want to record my conversations with subjects in car. I don't need visuals, but I do need a recording that is as clean as possible. However, to keep conversations natural, I don't want the subject to know they're being recorded (I realise...
  15. cheeseandachallenge

    Sound Mixer's Story

    Reminded me of APE and AA.
  16. cheeseandachallenge

    What We Do In The Shadows

    What We Do In The Shadows is a mockumentary about Vampires that came out last year by New Zealand filmmakers Taika Waititi ("Two Cars, One Night", "Boy," currently writing "Moana" for Disney) and Jemaine Clement ("Eagle Vs Shark", one half and writer of "Flight of the Conchords"). Without doing...
  17. cheeseandachallenge

    Indietalk Album of the Year 2014

    Due to this being a film forum and one with relatively few (for the internet) regular contributors, this might not work due to there not being enough responses/enough of a cohesive music taste amongst members... but may as well give it a shot. I find these kinds of threads a good way to catch up...
  18. cheeseandachallenge

    Home Made Audio Recording Booth

    Firstly, how odd that this forum doesn't have a dedicated audio section? Anyway, I was recording some narration yesterday in my local uni's sound studio. Apparently one of the important files became corrupted, and we can't get back into the studio for a couple of weeks. For a festival...
  19. cheeseandachallenge

    How much power do Kinos draw?

    I'm filming in a church with dodgy circuitry. We're shooting with a 800w Redhead, 2 15" Kinos and 3 battery powered LEDs. I can't imagine the Readhead + Kinos being enough to overload the circuit (although they only have on power outlet), but I'm anxious regardless. I can't seem to figure out...
  20. cheeseandachallenge

    Unstuck Production Diary

    I've decided to start a production diary for a short I'll be shooting later this month. The piece is being collaborated on by a few IT users :) I've not done something like this before, and am unsure if people are interested in this (if there isn't much of a response I'll stop posting), but...