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    Blackmagic Deisgn 2.5K Raw S16 -- for 2,999.99 - July Footage there Info here: Remember when I said "you'll see" Chilipie? In the D-Bolex thread? :D
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    watch Red Band DP reel | 2012

    It's weird ,and you were warned. Have fun.
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    Bad Location sound vs Pre-Planned ADR

    Pretend I'm audio retarded (because I am) and solve this scenario for me: On a low budget shoot, where you may have to either run-n-gun a location and/or will have bad sound no matter what you do on a certain day, is it better to put that day's wage into ADR or hire the sound team anyway, then...
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    watch GH2 Hack Tests w/PL mount Just now getting acquainted with the hack, info's on the vimeo. Going to go back to S16 lenses soon but having fun re-learning how to hang with a DSLR. Second vid: -- might be a bit tough to playback, download. From Vimeo Description...
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    watch National Commercial : Finally Up and Broadcasting

    Just thought I'd share one of my recent projects. Directed a pair of nationals, this one just went up and was for WB and Luster for their promotional. Of course, we did not shoot the actual movie footage. =P Just everything else. Was fun cutting the trailer into the footage that we shot...
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    Who's got a feature film?

    Pretty straight forward. Questions here: What's the name of your feature? What's the logline and Synopsis of your feature? Where's the trailer, facebook page, website? Is it complete or being completed? How long were you in production (from pre-to-post)? Do you see distribution in your...
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    Joe Lynch and G4TV Film Festival Kicks off -- We've got a short in it

    Here's another interesting TidBit. Rainfall Films worked with Joe Lynch to produce a short film that combines a popular video game and horror to air on G4TV. Joe's calling it a little Film Festival. My friend Sam directed, I shot it with the help of some good friends. Had a lot of fun doing...
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    How do you value full-on DSLR feature films?

    Open discussion. At what value do you, as an individual, do you place on a full-on DSLR feature film? As a filmmaker, does it intrigue you when you hear about someone going out to helm a feature on a DSLR? Or do you not care? Would it affect your decision on how much you paid attention to the...
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    watch [Trailer] Crowdfunded Superhero Feature Avery and Pete

    Okay, got the trailer tweaked a bit and posting it up here. I did before, but took down the post for a bit. Feel comfortable posting it now. It's called AVERY AND PETE: SUPERSEEDS and follows the title-characters on their first adventure and run-in with power-bestowing pills. I've come away...
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    Columbia Gorge International Film Festival (CGIFF) 2011 -- anyone going?

    Anyone attending this festival? As a filmmaker with a project exhibiting or as a visitor? I'll be there speaking with my producing partner for about thirty minutes on the topic of producing Big Ideas on Small Budgets. We'll be showing the trailer for our urban superhero feature that's in post...
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    Basic Production Experiences

    trueindie asked myself and another to comment on how you'd manage to keep 20+ people around, with little-to-no-pay on a feature film of nano/micro-budget proportions. Here's the post: I didn't realize there was a WELCOME sub-forum...