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  1. kjones

    Production assistants have to put in their time.

    Here's another article, which takes a broader view than what the OP asked for: We have a lot of film people or crew in my area... We also have a large number that are "former" film crew, and quit to make better...
  2. kjones

    RIP Gordon Willis

    What an artist, cinematographer... Annie Hall, Klute, All the President's Men, Godfather films... Said he figured out how to light/shoot the first Godfather 20 minutes before going on set. My God, how many could pull that off with that kind of success?? Amazing. -kjones
  3. kjones

    ND filters

    I have 3 Fader Mark II ND variable filters**, on 16mm and 85mm Rokinon's, and a 14-40mm zoom. Love 'em, this brand is highly-rated, and haven't seen any problems in footage color, focus, etc. (Note that I'm not a cinematographer.) They're not cheap but provide lots of aperture/depth of field...
  4. kjones

    Pre promoting a short film

    Also try going beyond broad social media on the internet... - Use a particular software in making your short? See if there's a company website that will accept notices/uploads of your film. - Is your film about a specific subject? Same thing as above, find their website(s) and become a...
  5. kjones

    Pre promoting a short film

    Suggest you put strong emphasis on Sweetie's recommendation... "have a strategy to keep those viewers engaged." People have really short attention spans these days. I'd start brainstorming ideas *now* to blog or simply post to FBook, etc. as you head to releasing the full short. More that...
  6. kjones

    Showing time has passed in a short

    You're right, they don't. But if he or his stuff *never changed, it might call my attention away from the story, when the homeless dude could actually add to the story, pull at the jogger's heartstrings, supply subtle story hints, etc.
  7. kjones

    I need to dig a hole on someones property, will this be hard?

    You might ask on craigslist. Somebody may be putting in a pond and the hole will either be there or become part of the pond eventually... OTOH, you're in LA, so you may get deluged with offers to dig it for the cash. Be sure to go 'anonymous' on the ad :-D.
  8. kjones

    How would you write a basketball game in a script?

    You might try to find and/or buy a copy of the "Hoosiers" script, lots of basketball scenes in that one. Haven't read it myself and it seems hard to find... Also, in case you haven't seen it, here's a short interview with the author of "Hoosiers:"...
  9. kjones

    Windows 8, my burden, my enemy (Dell)

    The remedy is called a Macintosh. I'm serious— while I realize it's a chunk of change to switch over, and I use both due to my regular job, I wouldn't personally own a windows machine if it were free. My time and stress level thank me every time I turn on my Macbook Pro... To each his own...
  10. kjones

    Showing time has passed in a short

    I like laughingcrow's suggestion of having each shot of her running by dissolving into the next. Also think it's a bit unrealistic to *not have the homeless guy change, too. Homeless folks often push their belongings and stuff around in a shopping cart. As your jogger / environment changes...
  11. kjones

    Pulling focus on the new GH4?

    I know what you mean, my Panasonic 15-40mm zoom has the same issue. This helps a lot, and it's cheap: Best, kjones
  12. kjones

    EF to MFT adaptors?

    I like fotodiox adapters. I've got a Canon EF/EOS to Micro 4/3, works like a champ:
  13. kjones

    Crowdfunding Your Project Succesfully

    @Beatlesfan In addition to the good advice by other posters, here is my 2 cents from checking out, and supporting, kickstarter/indiegogo campaigns: #1 "if your pitch/idea is good enough to execute. " BINGO. This is hard in this day and age of more people on the planet and more people making...
  14. kjones

    Storytelling on Film: Favorite DVD Bonus Features?

    Greetings, All- Just found this by the screenwriter for Toy Story 3: I like these DVD bonus features, would like to watch more. Care to share your favorites, strictly in the vein of storytelling on film? kj
  15. kjones

    RIP Mickey Rooney

    +1, Dreadylocks.
  16. kjones

    watch Star Trek - Horizon

    Well done, especially as you told it in 1:10min! Would love to see an additional 30 seconds with a bit more story described by your text in the O.P. Good luck!
  17. kjones

    Back story in a treatment

    Depends on the audience for your treatment, IMHO: - Yourself? Throw everything in but the kitchen sink. Get everything down, including all the backstory you need. I love to write treatments for exactly this reason: no one will see it and I get to embellish characters, their history...
  18. kjones

    Getting feature directing gigs after doing shorts

    "So if you've made a few really good short films, and even won a few awards, what is the correct path..." You may have already answered *part* of your question. Along with agreeing with the other responders, my hunch is they had good stories and demonstrated solid storytelling-on-film ability...
  19. kjones

    Dressing a set - any ideas?

    Can you talk to the musicians, and if so, ask *them what inspiration they used for the piece. What did they envision during the writing? Beyond that, brainstorming, I'd use anything thematic or dynamic. Instead of rain, falling scraps of paper in front of the brick wall and on them... Use the...
  20. kjones

    INCREDIBLY conflicted about film school (please help?)

    Liv, You seem like a thoughtful person who is trying to make a good decision that doesn't impact too heavily on her family. You also have the desire to go on this next adventure with your sister. I fear, however, that you've pinned yourself into a corner with the why's and why not's, and...