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    Help with compressing short film for web

    Ive been up all night messig with compression settings for my short film so I can upload it to Vimeo. The film was edited in premiere usin 5dnmark ii footage converted to pro res hq. I am using adobe media encoder 5.5 to encode an uncompressed master to an h264 mp4. Something weird was...
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    Altnernative to the Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L USM lens (WITH IS)?

    Does anyone know of a good alternative to the Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L USM lens that has IS? This lens is discontinued and its replacement is much more expensive (and isn't out yet). Plus, taking video handheld is really tricky without IS, so I'd rather get a lens that has IS. Thanks.
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    How to check bitrate of a video? (5d mark ii + magic lantern 2.3)

    I am taking video on my 5d mark ii using the new magic lantern 2.3. I am using the feature that lets you increase the bitrate of the video. I want to verify that the bitrate is being increased, but am not sure how to check the video files to see what their bitrate is. Is there a way to do this...
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    Canon EF adapter for FS700

    I currently own a 5d Mark ii and two lenses (Canon 50mm 1.4 USM and Canon MP-E 65mm 1.4/1-5x Macro Lenses) and am looking into purchasing a Sony FS700. What adapter(s) are available for using both these lenses with the FS700? Thanks.
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    Advice on acheiving slo-mo falling scenes (example inside)

    I want to shoot a scene for an abstract short film where a girl is falling in slo-mo (like 300fps). In the example music video below, there are some scenes where actresses are suspended in air and appear to be falling in slo-mo: Does anyone have any...
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    Editing 5d Mark ii footage in Premiere Pro

    I am editing 1080p footage from a 5d mark ii in Premiere Pro CS5.5. Playback is very slow, even with no filters in place. The bar at the top of the timeline is always yellow and sometimes during playback, it will freeze on a frame while the player head keeps moving in the timeline and the audio...
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    Recommended DSLR Fluid head for under $300

    I am looking for a fluid head to use with my Canon 5d mark ii. Something under $300. I was looking at the Manfrotto 701HDV, but the reviews weren't that great. Any suggestions?
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    How to attach a DSLR to a c-stand?

    I recently purchased a few Impact C-stands with extension arms. I'd like to attach my 5d mark ii to the extension arm so I can get some high angle shots and even rotate the arm while filming. Can anyone recommend an adapter that will enable me to connect my DSLR to the c-stand?
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    Recommended DSLR slider?

    I am looking to invest in a slider for my 5d mark ii. Here is one I have been looking at: Glidetrack SD Hybrid Slider Does anyone have any other recommendations that fit within the price point of the Glidetrack SD Hybrid Slider? Also, do all sliders mount on tripods?
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    First product shot job. Any advice?

    I am going to shoot a series of very short product instructional videos soon. Basically showing you how to assemble the product, use it, clean it, etc. Probably a min and a half long each. I'm going for a real-world setting so the video will take place in someones living room with people...
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    Question about exposure lock on the Canon 5d Mark ii

    When shooting video, pressing the * button (in the top right corner) locks the exposure. Pressing it again re-locks the exposure (to whatever the camera is pointed at). My question is, is there a way to simply un-lock the exposure? On my old Nikon D90, pressing the exposure lock button a second...
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    Canon 50mm f/1.4 USM lens with Magic Lantern rack focus not working (need help)

    I am using a 5d mark ii with magic lantern 1.09 running on it. I am trying to use the rack focus feature, but I can't get it to work at all. I remember the magic lantern website mentioning how some older Canon lenses do not report back certain data to the camera, so rack focus wouldn't work. Is...
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    reasonably priced/decent stands for lights?

    I need to buy three stands for some lights I bought. I see there are a wide range of priced stands. Can anyone recommend one that works decently but isn't overly expensive?
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    Downgrade 5d Mark II firmware to install Magic Lantern?

    I'd like to install Magic Lantern on my new 5d Mark II. The problem is that my camera came with the latest firmware that is not compatible with Magic Lantern. Is it possible to downgrade the firmware to a version that is compatible with Magic Lantern? If so, does anyone know where I could get...
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    CF Card Reader for Macbook Pro?

    I have a 5d mark ii and want to be able to upload my movies to my Macbook Pro directly from the CF card (without having to connect my computer to my camera via USB). I have an express card slot, so does anyone know of a good express card that reads CF cards and connects to a 2010 Macbook Pro...
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    CF card read/write speed for Canon 5d Mark ii video

    I read that the read/write speed of your CF card can affect the quality of your videos. I have a Canon 5d Mark ii. From what I read, 50mb a second is the minimum. Would a 90mb per sec CF card record better quality video than a 60mb per sec CF card?
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    Need help picking lens for 5d Mark II!

    I have decided to purchase a 5d Mark II (thanks to some advice from this forum). Now I need to pick a lens. I want a lens that will give me really good bokeh. I loved the bokeh in the movie Silent House, but they used a $3,000 lens. My price range is under $1,000. Is there a lens at that price...
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    Canon 5D mark ii or mark iii for video?

    I am in dire need upgrading from a Nikon D90 for a project I need to start soon. I want to stick with DSLRs because I love the shallow depth of field and small size of the cameras. I've pretty much narrowed my selection down to either the 5d mark ii or mark iii. The reason I am skeptical about...
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    What macro lens will give me the closest shot?

    I need a lens that will allow me to zoom in as close as possible. I want to be able to film the detail on the smallest objects. What macro lens will give me the closest shots for shooting film? I am leaning towards getting a Canon 5d mark ii or iii, but am open to Nikon DSLRs too (I am in...
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    1080p 60fps DSLR?

    I am surprised that there are no DSLRs from Nikon or Canon that shoot 1080p at 60fps. Sony recently came out with one, and there are a lot of lower end digital photo cameras that do so as well. Is there a technical roadblock or are Canon and Nikon afraid of eating into the video camera market...