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    BlackMagic announces new camera

    Good timing. I was considering the purchase of the Cinema.
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    watch Mob on the Run - A mafia dramedy web series

    mussonman: Acceptable. Thanks for that. Did you watch the first episode or 108? Sometimes I get the feeling like folks might just have unhelpful things to say, especially if it's all negative. It's difficult to believe that everything about anything someone might be working on is absolute cr@p...
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    watch Mob on the Run - A mafia dramedy web series

    Also, would you mind analyzing this episode for me. Improvement, getting worse...? Let me know, and thanks in advance. (Of course, some of the stuff won't go over well because you didn't see the other episodes, but just quality of production, acting, writing, editing, etc.)...
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    watch Mob on the Run - A mafia dramedy web series

    Hey, thanks for the replies, especially yours rayw. More information to send back to the crew always helps in this situation. rayw: When you say "documentarian style", I'm not sure what you mean? Mind giving me a rundown of what you mean? I'd appreciate it. I do have an additional question of...
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    Should you even...

    Good reply. By "under control", I mean things that are typically in your control, like making the right decisions (judgment), knowing if you have the money to even attempt it, taking the time to realize that something of this size or magnitude might be something you can maintain control of...
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    Should you even...

    Should you even consider making a movie if you don't have things under control? For instance, I want to make a movie (this is hypothetical, as I've made quite a few). I am new to the business of filmmaking and have not really made more than backyard skits or shooting my sister's wedding. But I...
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    I know quite a few actors that would be right for these roles. If you have a Facebook account, ask to join the group: You can meet up with potential actors there (specifically for PA actors and filmmakers only) and if not, learn about...
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    watch Mob on the Run - A mafia dramedy web series

    Been working on this web series since last year and have been through the roller coaster of problems/situations. It started off wrong, as an under-funded, under-staffed project that has blossomed into this new thing of "run and gun" filmmaking on less than a shoestring budget. It has suffered at...
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    TimeGlitched Productions

    Very nice SpecFX! REally good detail, and I commend your group on their use of a, what appears to be, Stedicam. I'll be checking it out.
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    Where will the power come from?!

    You could also ask to borrow the power trucks from either the town/city, municipality, or from fire companies. I know for a fact that some asphalt companies and late evening construction crews have portable battery stations that are capable of providing more than enough power for what you need...
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    The 15 Minutes of Fame Script-to-Screen Competition - Thousands in Prizes

    This card should help to explain most of it. The site explains the rest. GOOD LUCK! (If you have additional questions, there is a link at the top of the contest page.)
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    Location we found in PA, close to NYC

    Howdy! So, we were looking for a place that we could shoot a small short for an IndieGoGo promotion ( that's the actual video we shot). It had to be all-encompassing and offer me choices by way of scenery change. That's when we stumbled onto the Mansion House. If you...
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    Arri imitation - Fresnel Tungsten

    I joined just to answer this question, so here it goes... I have worked with Arri lights (the 3 pack in the hard case) and it cost the guy I worked with over $4000. They were quality lights. They worked great, and, except for the heat, they were pretty great! So I wondered about these Hong...