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    watch Latest short I was DP on: Down

    The latest short I was DP for released on Friday. It was shot over a single weekend. If you paid attention to the IOTM trailer contest, then you have seen the trailer. Here is the final product, hope you all enjoy.
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    series The Mandalorian

    As a huge Star Wars fan, I latch on to every live action piece and every book. I hated that the old EU was de-canonized, but I understood why. In order to create episodes 7-9, they either had to do what they did or just adapt stories that were already out there. If I were in charge, I probably...
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    misc How Long Before You Felt You Were Doing A Good Job?

    This past weekend I was DP for a pretty intense psychological film. I have worked with the director before so I started off pretty comfortably. We have produced some pretty quality work before; nothing great but some very solid work (some better equipment would help, but we work with what we...
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    watch My Group's First Completed Short

    Recently, I brought together a team that wants to make regular content. So far, the sets have ran smoothly and everyone with zero experience has had a good time. What follows is our first completed short together. I am hoping to get some feedback and critique from people who are not friends and...
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    North Alabama Filmmaker

    With a new IndieTalk, I figured I should start a new profile. I have been here before just under a different username. I prefer to lurk and read but I will try to be better about that this time. I recently started to shoot with a new crew which is mostly comprised of people that have little to...