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  1. dmontgom

    Free Music For Projects

    Hey everyone, it's been a long long time since I posted here. A while back I made some music for a film I was working on and suddenly I was hooked on making music, and film/video projects took a back seat. I've put together a bunch of music on my website that I'm not using so I figured I'd...
  2. dmontgom

    How do you feel about these type of action sequences in stories?

    I haven't been to this site in a LONG time because other aspects of life got in the way... I come back and see this. Some things never change... lol.
  3. dmontgom

    Location Suggestions

    Break in the weather? Not likely! lol! Thanks for the tip on the library.
  4. dmontgom

    Location Suggestions

    Gonna dig up an ancient thread here... mind if I ask what library in your area Morris? We just wrote a short about a crazy vindictive librarian and we need a library (or substitute) in the Boston area.
  5. dmontgom

    NASA Posts a Huge Library of Free Space Sounds

    I'm actually working on a sci-fi short that this may come in handy for! At the very least some sound fx can come from this. :)
  6. dmontgom

    watch The Naughty Genie (Comedy)

    That was hilarious. Especially the contract. :lol:
  7. dmontgom

    watch Another Cell Phone monologue

    Hey everyone, I'm back with another cell phone monologue (again, gotta thank Sonnyboo for this idea). Anyway, this is part of the back story of Mark Miller (who we first saw in "The Payback") last fall. This one is a little different as it has two characters and a few phone conversations. As...
  8. dmontgom

    48 hour project locations?

    The pins are a brilliant idea! I was actually asked yesterday if I had any story ideas that I could adapt to various genres and while I may have a few ideas floating around in my head at the moment I actually want to go at this with a blank slate in my head. I want the challenge. No shortcuts.
  9. dmontgom

    48 hour project locations?

    I agree, that does sound like cheating. Anyway, thanks for all the tips. So I'll try to lockdown a few versatile and interesting locations, along with some really good props.
  10. dmontgom

    48 hour project locations?

    Hi everyone! I'm planning on entering the 48 Hour in my area. So far my limited experience has been filming in public parks or at private homes, but the location had been chosen based on how it fits my script. (For example, my next short takes place in an industrial type setting, so I'm...
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    Email sent!
  12. dmontgom

    Share your filmmaking pages

    So it took me a day longer than planned to get to your pages. Nice work on Caché! Loved it! Also, thanks for the follow. At the moment I'm browsing more simplistic wordpress themes, even though they are a wee bit overdone right now... I think they're overdone for a reason. Anyone else got...
  13. dmontgom

    Share your filmmaking pages

    I think this is a good idea. Once I'm away from the office I'll check out your pages (facebook/vimeo/youtube are blocked here). Anyway, here are mine. Not a lot on here just yet, but more to be added soon. Unfortunately my day job hasn't been to film friendly lately...
  14. dmontgom

    watch Film as Competition?

    What's odd here is this internal conflict I have... I agree with everything you said in the video, however, I also feel this urge to go out and make something that will win at a festival or at one of the 48 hour weekends around here... I guess what I'm saying is that part of what drives me to...
  15. dmontgom

    Finishing first feature - post-production heads-up for newbies; soooo much work

    Great, can't wait to see the finished product! Also, thanks for the heads up for this newbie.
  16. dmontgom

    Lens Focus Problem - FD Mount Vivitar on GH1

    Thanks for the input! After reading your response I googled convergence point, etc, and I learned a little more about this stuff and it gave me an idea. I removed the adapter from the equation (for the record, this adapter has no glass, it's just a tube). I took some video just holding the...
  17. dmontgom

    Lens Focus Problem - FD Mount Vivitar on GH1

    Hi everyone, I just bought a 24mm F2 Vivitar to replace another old prime, my 28mm F2.8 Tamron. I came across the Vivitar on Ebay and it seemed perfect, something slightly wider bringing me to the 50mm ballpark when you account for crop factor. Combine that with the fact it's faster than...
  18. dmontgom

    Tascam D60 cheap

    I just bought the DR40 at the beginning of the year for $200, and the only reason I didn't get the DR60 was price. Anyone wanna buy a DR40 used only once?
  19. dmontgom

    watch Another Cell Phone Monologue - Please Critique/Bash/Compliment

    Thanks for all the input! My goal is to keep getting better every time. So far so good. :) The lighting was tricky because of the different color temps of different light sources (room lighting + my lighting)... This lead to some odd lighting and unfortunately some difficulty color grading...
  20. dmontgom

    watch Another Cell Phone Monologue - Please Critique/Bash/Compliment

    Thanks. This is a mini-series of sorts. I'm just getting started (and off to a slow start due to my real life job getting in the way). I got the idea for the cell phone monologue from Sonnyboo. They're a great way (for me anyway) to work on honing my skills. I've got a total of 5 planned (2...