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  1. BBfilms

    camera-dept Can't make a decision... please help

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to jump in more seriously to video, and I'm starting shooting event videography so I'm selling my Canon 4000d (which just will not handle filming indoors at all I find) I however don't have a huge amount to spend but I am completely stuck between 3 options which are (in...
  2. BBfilms

    computer-related computer/laptop recommendations

    Hi guys, I currently am using a Inspiron 15 3000 which was bought as an emergany fill in when my last laptop snapped in half. I am curious what recommendations people would make for sub £1000 computer that is decent for editing? Im fine with thing that are a few years older etc... as I'm...
  3. BBfilms

    campaign real life stories - how to market niche films with triggering subjects

    I have been wondering this for a few weeks but today a friend in the industry posted of a personal trauma she has just been through and decided to open up about and make public but didnt get much support as many people who hadnt been in her shoes just stated how they would 'have handled it...
  4. BBfilms

    Canon DSLR

    Hi im completely new to film making but have been doing photography since 2004 and writing forever basically after many years my old Nikon D40 camera has died and im looking for a new DSLR and would like one with film capabilities unfortunatly im poor so it limits my options greatly, I was...