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    camera-dept Good Starting Cameras For a Broke High Schooler?

    So, I'm thinking of starting a mini production company thing with a bunch of people from my school next year, but I wanna have some good recording equipment to start out with. Currently I have my dad's old JVC GZ-EX355BU Camcorder (idk that's the model number) and my mom's old Canon EOS Rebel...
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    misc Where do good ideas come from?

    I'm the type of person who absolutely loves using every idea I ever have in some way, but the thing is, I find it hard to come up with good ideas, especially with film. They just don't come as naturally for me as they do for other things. What are some good ways to brainstorm good ideas, and...
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    misc A Little Survey

    I've been collecting information from people for a while to discover what kind of movies and stuff people like. I know I could probably just look it up, but where's the fun in that? I made a small list of questions to see what people are into, and while I do know it would be easy to just look at...
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    screenplay My Bad Horror Movie Screenplay

    So I was digging through some old files, and I found this screenplay I wrote who knows how long ago and read it. It was one of my first and is really bad, but I still liked the concept and thought it would be cool to try and actually make it since I never ended up using it in the first place...
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    [Insert Title Here :P]

    Hey there! I've been looking for a cool forum to discuss all things film, and this seems like the place! I've been making movies since 7th grade, and I'm hoping to start getting more serious next year, possibly even submitting a film to Sundance or some other film festival. I really enjoy...