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  1. Will Vincent

    For our UK people

    This won't really benefit anyone else, but kind of cool news for those in the UK: Rental house, Rogue Element, has announced they'll be renting the Axiom beta cameras for free:
  2. Will Vincent

    File transcoding.. getting nerdy with it!

    There are a plethora of tools out there for converting video files between various formats. Nine times out of ten, or maybe more like 9.777425215878 times out of 10 the underlying piece that makes this work is ffmpeg. The sad thing is, a lot of these tools have a crippled free version that...
  3. Will Vincent

    Panasonic GH4 Available for Pre-Order

    Just got an email from B&H. GH4 Body Only: $1,699.00 GH4 Body w/ Interface Unit: $3,299.99 Interface Unit for GH4: $1,999.99 I know there are a few folks who've been eyeing this guy, so there ya go.
  4. Will Vincent

    RIP Softimage. End of an era. Of course there are a plethora of other tools available, but softimage is directly responsible for many movie memories over the past couple of decades..
  5. Will Vincent

    Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle (USB)

    I bought this lightly used on ebay hoping it would work for external monitoring on my Hackintosh, but alas, the beta drivers that are available for mac don't seem to be up to snuff. Would be perfect for someone in a windows environment though.
  6. Will Vincent

    New Cinematography podcast

    Just ran across this... HotRodCameras has started a new podcast centered on cinematography. There's one episode thus far, it features Jason Wingrove as the guest. Seems promising/interesting to me. Here's the link:
  7. Will Vincent

    Now I'm torn...

    Black Magic 4k shipping, with price drop! Black Magic Cinema Production Camera (4k) is now shipping, and they dropped the price by $1000. Previous price was $3995, now it's $2995. So... do I go with the 2.5k or pay the extra grand for the 4k? Decisions, decisions...
  8. Will Vincent

    Need lots of FAST storage for editing?

    Have you got some cash burning a hole in your pocket, and want to step up your editing storage? Check this out! DIY RAID for editing 4k footage. A whopping 1700Mbps throughput! The article covers building a 16TB external RAID enclosure.. but at current drive prices you could easily double...
  9. Will Vincent

    Mods: FYI -- Malware warning

    Getting a malware warning from Chrome when visiting the site. See attached screenshot.
  10. Will Vincent

    Location Scouting

    If you've done location scouting, I'm interested in hearing about your process. What sorts of things do you do when location scouting? Are there any particular tools you use that you find particularly helpful? What kind of assets do you assemble throughout the location scouting process...
  11. Will Vincent

    A bunch of my gear

    I've recently upgraded quite a few things so I'm selling off a bunch of gear. Letus 35 Mini - 35mm adapter $375.00 obo The Letus 35 Mini is designed and optimized for smaller cameras, such as the Canon HV20 and Sony HC series. The technology, quality and price of the new Letus35 Mini cannot be...
  12. Will Vincent

    New Shot Logging Web App

    Hey fellow indietalkers.. I've been MIA for quite a goodly while as I've been extremely busy with the day job. For those that don't know me at all, or didn't know what I do, that day job is as a web developer. I build really complex web applications and whatnot. In a nutshell, I build the...
  13. Will Vincent

    Learn to light (and shoot) better by studying an egg

    Hey gang.. just ran across this article on Lifehacker, figured I'd post it here for anyone who hasn't seen it.
  14. Will Vincent

    Open script call

    Have a script you'd like to see produced? I am looking for a new project, and accepting scripts of any length/genre. Submissions are being accepted here: I'm looking forward to reading what you've written. :)
  15. Will Vincent

    My Website

    Finally got around to getting SOMETHING online on my personal domain.. Pretty much focused around the day job (and trying to find a new one) right now. Eventually I plan to put up some tutorials and whatnot as well.. Anyhoo, if anyone's interested... is now online. :)
  16. Will Vincent

    IndiRails "Shrigg Rig" camera mount & rail system

    If you're unfamiliar with the Shrigg Rig, it's intended for using a 35mm adapter with smaller cameras. It allows you to mount the camera upside down, so the image produced by the 35mm adapter is recorded right-side up to the tape or whatever recording medium your camera uses. These go for...
  17. Will Vincent

    "The Cutting Edge"

    I just watched The Cutting Edge: The Magic of Movie Editing last night. If you've not seen it, I'd recommend it, especially at the incredibly low price Amazon has for it. It's not really a "here's how to edit" kind of video, more of a history of editing. But there are quite a few nuggets of...
  18. Will Vincent

    DIY Mic Shockmount

    Here are a few options for building a DIY shockmount to be mounted on a boom: An old thread discussing it here on indietalk: And a few other links from an online magazine site:
  19. Will Vincent

    Build your own (high end) editing/post production computer and save $$

    A lot of people will settle for whatever system they can buy off the shelf at the local big box store, or from one of the many manufacturers (Dell, Gateway, HP, etc) -- OR buy a Mac -- to handle their editing/post production needs. I figure this is due to a few reasons: They are not aware of...
  20. Will Vincent

    DIY Tips - General Discussion & "Request Jar"

    Hey all.. Figured this would be a good thread to start so that we have a place within this forum for general DIY discussion and so that people can place requests for particular DIY solutions they would like to read about. There is already a lot of good stuff here, so if you've not yet had the...