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  1. ItDonnedOnMe

    What's type of DVD burner should I use for good quality?

    With Neat Video if your video comes out looking too smooth and plasticky it means you're using too much noise reduction. You need to play with the advanced controls to tune it and find a balance between removing noise and maintaining detail. But back to the DVD - forget the burner for now...
  2. ItDonnedOnMe

    Tutorial: How To Auto Sync Sound in Premiere Pro

    There's a reason Pluraleyes is still the primary recommendation - while both Premier & FCPX are capable of syncing audio and video, the workflow isn't particularly efficient for large numbers of clips. Imagine doing the process described in the video for 100 different clips shot over a couple...
  3. ItDonnedOnMe

    What's type of DVD burner should I use for good quality?

    I've had the opposite experience - I've never really had an issue getting good looking DVD encodes assuming I start with a high quality master. In general I've found you'll get the best results if you apply a light noise reduction pass (with something like Neat Video) to your master, even if...
  4. ItDonnedOnMe

    New 8TB drives and failure stats

    I upgraded one of the drives in my laptop a few months back, but started having issues with it - noise, slowdowns, unmounting itself, etc. Just got a new one, cloned everything over except for about a dozen files that were corrupted due to bad sectors (had them backed up so nothing lost...
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    Xmas vidcard ideas

    I'd have them throw the tinsel and suddenly the tree is on fire and everyone's running around screaming and the camera gets knocked over and lands on it's side right next to a glass ornament in which you can see the reflection of the flames as the house burns to the ground. But that's just me.
  6. ItDonnedOnMe

    watch Super Smash 64 - A Gamer's Rampage

    The concept is decent, but the execution is lacking. You could build the sense of escalating frustration better (and keep the overall film more interesting) if you used more angles and did some more editing - reaction shots of the player's face, close-ups of the game, etc.
  7. ItDonnedOnMe

    Don't really have a good title

    Sounds like a cool idea. Sort of the Newman's Own of movie studios. Unfortunately I think you're getting way ahead of yourself. Before you can donate your profits to charity, you need to be profitable. Before you can be profitable, you need to build a business. In order for that business to be...
  8. ItDonnedOnMe

    What's type of DVD burner should I use for good quality?

    You're talking about DVD burners, connected to a computer, either internal or USB, right? Not a standalone DVD recorder hooked up via video cables? If so the burner has absolutely nothing to do with the quality of your video. That's determined entirely by the software you use to encode the...
  9. ItDonnedOnMe

    New 8TB drives and failure stats

    You missed the part about the 10:1 shooting ratio - so that's 20 hours of raw source files, or nearly 100TB if we go with your 55mb/frame number. But realistically you're probably not going to edit directly from raw. Even as archive disks these could be useful as an affordable place to store...
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    New 8TB drives and failure stats

    There have been a few threads recently about expanding storage/external drives, etc so I thought this might be of interest. Seagate has released an 8TB drive which sells bare for just $260! That's a huge amount of...
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    No offer

    Here's the thing - there's a pattern we see pretty regularly around here. People drop in with unrealistic, grandiose plans, certain of the inevitability of near-term success, but with little track record or experience indicating they're likely to succeed. They come here looking for help with...
  12. ItDonnedOnMe

    Help needed good rewards

    Something along the lines of The Last Shot maybe. The crowdfunding scam goes unexpectedly well because people get really excited about the film, and it gets a ton of press as one of the largest crowdfunding successes ever. Suddenly the scammer gets sucked into having to produce a film, teamed...
  13. ItDonnedOnMe

    Help needed good rewards

    You certainly could be right. To me there's just not enough smoke and mirrors there to indicate that - I could put a far more sophisticated trail together in an afternoon. It doesn't come across as any kind of organized attempt to create an illusion of legitimacy - in fact, it really conveys the...
  14. ItDonnedOnMe

    Help needed good rewards

    I got curious, and did a little more digging. Starting with this: which links to this site: Which has a little more information on the project. Here he says he needs $300,000 for the production of...
  15. ItDonnedOnMe

    Help needed good rewards

    Wheat's final edit is actually a pretty good scam. If you've got access to say a 100 stolen credit card numbers (relatively easy to get online), using them to contribute to a kickstarter campaign could be a good way to translate them into real cash - but you do have to have a way to disassociate...
  16. ItDonnedOnMe

    Help needed good rewards

    Exactly, as I just posted in one of the many other threads on this the cost of servicing a loan of that scale is likely to run over $200,000 per month...
  17. ItDonnedOnMe

    Help needed clarification

    There's very little information online about "Edmund james commercial lending" other than their website, which claims they do a lot of things but doesn't provide much in the way of specifics - and doesn't even have an address, just a phone number. The only address I can find for them is on a...
  18. ItDonnedOnMe

    how to break the news

    This is actually one of the arguments against doing free or very low cost work if you're trying to make a career or build a business - it's very difficult to charge a client more once you've established a price with them. If you're doing work for cheap in order to get experience or build a reel...
  19. ItDonnedOnMe

    Star Trek fan episode.

    You kind of have to look at productions like this as something akin to golf, or skiing, or scuba diving, etc - a hobby. All of these hobbies require a fairly significant outlay of cash to get started, plus significant ongoing expense as long as you continue to participate. Those expenses are...
  20. ItDonnedOnMe

    Looking for a partner for feature film

    Can you be more specific about the "business registration liscences" etc that you need to get - and where you need to get them from? $8000 seems excessive. I think I spent about $2-300 total to set up my LLC and business license, etc in PA when I moved here earlier this year. It took half an...