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  1. mckinise

    Syfy Movie Guidelines

    A couple years ago there was a thread that included "supposed" guidelines for Syfy features. 1- Scenes must occur during the day. 2- The Monster must appear every 8 minutes. Does anyone remember this topic or have a copy of the guidelines?
  2. mckinise

    For Sale: GH4 (Used Once) + Lumix G Vario 14-42mm f/3.5 -5.6 Asph. / MEGA O.I.S. II L

    Panasonic Lumix GH4 bought a couple months ago for a feature we were shooting December. The project has been postponed indefinitely. The camera was used once Family Christmas(Gift openings). No sense in keeping it. Comes with a Panasonic Lumix G Vario 14-42mm f/3.5 -5.6 Asph. / MEGA O.I.S. II...
  3. mckinise

    Audio People HELP!!! Strange Microphone

    I have been looking for microphones for reference audio. My search has led me to picking up an old Audio-technica microphone I can not identify. XLR outputs. Inner grooves for something to screw into it. Made in Japan.
  4. mckinise

    Microphone for Reference Audio

    I will be booming sound and occasionally using lavaliers for my next project. I have a clapper board for syncing, but I also use plural eyes. I need a low noise microphone that will allow me to get strong reference audio. None of the scenes will be going over 4 minutes of continuous shooting...
  5. mckinise

    watch 48 Hour film Fest and Cinema Feature Concept Video

    A couple movies for you guys. One we did as a promo for a possible digital feature. The other we did a couple weeks ago for the 48 Hour film fest. Interesting tidbit: I showed up to work behind the scenes and somehow ended up acting in it. Oh well, I'll take it. Very open to ideas. Oh...
  6. mckinise

    Unsolicited Audition Video

    Question: Let's say an actor with no chance of getting a very high profile role created an audition video for that role, made it go viral online, and got the right people to see it. What is the worst that could happen? I once heard a story about a guy that used nefarious means to grab...
  7. mckinise

    Building an Audience from Scratch: Your Ideas

    The Challenge: Take an unknown media property and build a following. The Product: Serial Online video content to be released on youtube Genre: Science Fiction - Action Desired Demographic: Males 18-34 years old The Resources: EMD - Exact Match Domain for the web series Twitter Account...
  8. mckinise

    watch Party time: a movie by 6th Graders

    It's official. My son and his friends put together better movies than I do. Weird, but still.
  9. mckinise

    No more begging...

    About a month ago several members of my cast and crew lobbied for me to create a kickstarter campaign to help with our first feature. Having been through one horrific crowd funding experience I was very reluctant to embark upon another. After many days of them telling me their huge networks of...
  10. mckinise

    Vehicles, Cityscapes, and Lawyers

    Recording establishing/stock footage this weekend. Legally, do I need permission to use cityscape footage if it only contains an overall view of the city/town, but no visible logos? Guerrilla Style Driving Coverage - Getting footage for green screen with stationary vehicle. Driving through...
  11. mckinise

    watch Griffin and Gretchen (Web Series)

  12. mckinise

    Help me with Angels, Aliens, and Monsters

    Angels, Aliens, and Monsters: "A Crowdfunding Experiment" My kickstarter project for my feature length movie, Angels, Aliens, and Monsters has launched. Changes: The puppet video is under first update. Anyway, here is the official setup without Kickstarter money: Director: Me DP...
  13. mckinise

    Ambient Noise ONLY - Music when Essential to Plot

    I have been toying around with the idea of doing a movie with no background music, unless it is essential to the story. Essential: Clara turns on a radio or the characters walk into a noisy club. We are so used to being drowned in music that I am not sure how I could pull it off using just...
  14. mckinise

    Sound on the Big Screen

    I have a project that we are thinking about bringing to film festivals. We are worried about proper audio video syncing. Currently, the original sound, ADR, Foley, and score playback flawlessly on computer, and we have gotten it to play back on a couple different televisions with excellent...
  15. mckinise

    Youtube Video Length

    I am working on a situational comedy. It was written to include commercial breaks with cliffhangers at the end of each act. Currently it is going to end up being around 18-20 minutes long, but could easily be broken up into smaller parts. Being that I am planning on releasing it on youtube...
  16. mckinise

    Business Cards: Say What?

    Business Cards: Proper Title Indie Filmmakers wear many hats during a production. What is the most appropriate role/title to place upon a business card?
  17. mckinise

    The boom pole folly

    I have often heard you get what you pay for, well, that is definitely true in Audio recording. I recently purchased a Rode Micro Boom pole. I barely got it set up before I noticed how loud the locking mechanisms seemed to be. With out a microphone the pole rattled when I moved it up or down...
  18. mckinise

    Kickstarter Hangups...

    After discovering the realities of crowd sourcing, I revised my project. I lowered the amount to $500. I added a new video. And I added a film we produced to the updates.
  19. mckinise

    $1800 for Indie Films

    I am in the market for a quality video camera. I am looking for the best image and sound quality that I can find for around $1,800. I don't care about photography at all. I will not be using it to shoot photos. I am only interested in finding the highest quality camera that I can afford...