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  1. Feutus Lapdance

    watch De kamer Van Morgen

    Dear fellow movie makers. It was 3 of jears ago when I started on my movie project: Het hart van de wereld. I came here on Indie talk to learn to make a movie on a low budget. I was such a noob and I found out when I started filming. I was lucky the camara man, the sound guy and the licht where...
  2. Feutus Lapdance

    Horizontal distortions

    Today I watched a video of a friend of mine. I I notest some Horizontal distortions in the video. Am I the only one that sees this? If not wy is this happening? Is it a variation of Rolling shutter? Or is somting wrong with my computher. Here is the video...
  3. Feutus Lapdance

    Question Rolling Shutter 600D and other problems...

    Ok I want to buy a new Camera for a project I am working on....I dont know much about the new generation SLR,s. The 600D looks like a intresting option......but there are some things that make me hesitate. Problem one: Rolling Shutter. So this is somting I dont understand......If jou move...
  4. Feutus Lapdance

    Hi Movie makers and Movie Lovers

    Hi I am Frank Instalation and sound artist from Nederland. for the last 3 jears i have made sound and art instalations. Now I want to try somting that I have never done before. I am working on a long movie. The working thitle : Mens (Human). I hope to learn a thing or two.