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    foley A Very Good Article About Foley

    The title says it all.
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    microphone Sound for short films - how to get it right?

    You should have done some more research. It's nice that the NTG-2 is self-powered, but low signal output is the price you pay. I haven't used the H4n Pro, but many low budget digital recorders have weak mic pres. Combine low mic output (a problem with many budget self-powered mics like the...
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    directing Work smarter, not harder

    The ubiquitous Christmas classic "It's A Wonderful Life" was not well received when it was released just after WWII. Although the opposite mentality is out there also; there are plenty of newbs who are convinced that they are the next __________ (Spielberg or whomever), not comprehending how...
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    vfx Add camera movement to a photo

    They have/had something like that in iMovie called "The Ken Burns Effect." It panned and zoomed on still photos.
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    Welcome!!! As one of the resident sound folks here I have to add my obligatory... Your project will only look as good as it sounds, because "Sound is half of the experience" If your film looks terrible but has great sound, people might just think it's your aesthetic. If your film looks...
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    Hey !

    Hi There!
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    location Room Echo - Post Production Nightmare?

    Yes, recording DX in a very ambient space is possible, but it requires a lot of experience and technique. You may want to check out "Being There" (1979). Besides being a great and very funny film Jeff Wexler (PSM) and Don Coufal (Boom-Op) did a fantastic job capturing DX in the highly ambient...
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    actors Have you ever watched any movie with a really sexy character?

    What men find attractive varies greatly from culture to culture. What men find attractive changes from generation to generation. What men find attractive is as individual as men themselves. Not all men are attracted just to a woman's physical attributes. And what men find attractive can -...
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    Hows it going. Thanks for having me

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    format I need help with a scene

    I'm not a screenwriter, but I would just give the narration and the scene Instructions" would indicate that the pool of players dwindles as the narration continues.
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    Nice being here!

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    Dipping my toe in.

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    misc 3D Audio / Sound for Film?

    Just PM me. I could make some suggestions if you include me in the preproduction;a s mentioned, the visuals and sound will be inextricably intertwined.
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    Aspiring film editor looking for suggestions.

    He edited his post and removed asking about gear suggestions re: camera, editing and audio.
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    Aspiring film editor looking for suggestions.

    This is a "How long is a piece of string?" question. At the very least we need a rough budget. As an audio post guy I could easily recommend about $50k worth of gear for audio post alone, however, if you are on a shoestring budget but still want to do "real" audio post I could manage to get it...
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    suggestion Online film competiton

    Quarterly gets my vote. Instead of a 48 Hour style competition how about keeping it to a basic genre. The first quarter could be horror, for example, the next quarter could be drama, the third quarter comedy, the fourth quarter action. Also, perhaps, budget categories - $100 or less, $101 to...